Analog Metric Softstart Board

Hi all -

First post here. Just purchased the goodies to build up a pair of UcD400HG+HxR's and am trying to get a little clarification on a few things. The softstart boards that came with it are not the hypex boards, rather a pair of Analog Metric SOST softstarts Soft Start Board. My question is this - the seller on here suggested I may be able to run this with 115v instead of 220 but I'm not sure how I would go about doing that. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as I'm basically trying to figure out if it would just be easier to buy a hypex softstart and put all of this in a single case as a dual mono setup (2 toroids / 2 HG power supply boards / 2 UcD's and a single softstart from mains). Many thanks and looking forward to learning!

That is not approved for connection to a mains supply.
In which jursisdiction? I was questioning the blanket statement.
It may be approved for mains connection in mainland China. It looks like a Chinese version of a Japanese metalised polyester motor run capacitor.

It has no US standard markings.
X2 applies to particular types of capacitor.
I have many mains rated capacitors which are not marked X2. Over here we get all sorts of mains capacitors, BS, IEC UL and Japanese approvals.
The capacitor carries only a China Quality Certification mark (CQC) but it is rated for 400 volts AC. If you have confidence in the China certification the part is probably safe to use. Still the capacitance is too low for 115 VAC use. A capacitor rated at 3uF 250 VAC would be a suitable substitute, hopefully with UL, CSA, VDE, TUV etc markings.

The CBB61 marking indicates the capacitor is intended as a motor run capacitor. It seems these parts are often used in fans.

I am not familiar with the hypex soft start you referenced.