Amp speakers or source?

two Infinity SM-115 speakers. JL audio 10W3-S6 subwoofers Apex JR subwoofer amp. Sony STR-DE505 reciever.

This setup sounds well, like crap to me. The Infinity's are too bright and mids don't stand out at all.

My question is what would be your suggestion on component change or modification that would make the most dramatic improvement in sound quality.

I have bought two 3886 Monoblocks and an 3787 stereo kit from brian that I have yet to assemble. Are the amps going to make that big of a difference?
well if your sony amp is anything like a DE315 , your new map if done right, should make a difference, the 315 is a heap of crap to put it nicely. and all those sony receivers sound like shite to me. they also dont measure up too well, with lousy stereo seperation, and noise floor

But, in reality its allways hard to say, audio is too subjective, and what constitutes a big differernce.

Try it and see :), youve got the gear allready.
Other users have also reported lacking bass from those speakers, but like the mids and highs.

Try getting them up off the ground (even tupperware containers will do ), and stick 'em in a corner about a foot from the wall. Also, try turning down the tweeters (it seems the crossover is adjustable).

But you're probably going to want to add a decent sub to your setup.