Amazon Makes a Speaker.

Here we get 5.1 speakers, that is a woofer, with power supply, FM radio, SD/USB, built in amp, 4 satellite speakers, for $40 and up retail.
The factory gets maybe $25, if that.
So you have slightly better cabinets, and four drivers , or two drivers and two cone tweeters.
Doable, if tell the supplier you need 50,000 sets, for about $50 in China.
Add shipping, and remember Amazon delivers direct, they do not have expensive retail shops with the hassle of real estate, people roaming around and so on. That is a big saving, no display, no parking, no sales assistants.
Quality? Nobody seems to care anymore, or are so used to the sound of tiny speakers and earphones that if they listen to a good system, they will not appreciate it.
All show, little substance.

As mentioned above, somebody looked at the sales, and decided it was profitable to trade under their own name, that is all.
There is a software called SAP, which is used by supermarket chains here (among others), to track sales, and stock replenishment levels across locations. Fast selling items are easier to spot, and the analysts informed the management, and it went from there.
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Amazon in India has insulated itself, it says it is a marketplace, we are the facility providers, if you have a problem with the seller, we will help.
Amazon does not sell the things on its site, it is a broker of sorts, and in no way responsible for the claims made about the product.
That said, the Fenda Audio seller is in a medium scale residential area in Delhi, it seems to be an office address, and the company is probably a trader, buying from suppliers, most likely in China or Viet Nam, which has emerged as a supplier of bulky goods like speakers and LED lamps, where Chinese labor is expensive.

Amazon India says no stock, no idea when available, made in China.

So it seems that anybody can buy and have them branded in their name, provided a minimum order is given.
And being a product with existing tooling and so on, only the name changes, minimal effort for the seller.
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2019-01-05 5:19 pm
It would be interesting if big companies like Amazon, Apple and Google took a real interest in producing good speakers. With their budgets, I wonder what sort of things they could create. Maybe they'd even come out with some research that people can actually agree on :)

But unfortunately they will never do that as there's not enough money in it