Alternate approach to an Eminence 15A alpha 2-way?

OK. I'm suggesting replacing the FR in the MJK design with a tweeter that goes LOW.

Here is the spec sheet for the Eminence 15A alpha:

You can see the response runs pretty flat up to ~1kHz, before kicking up.

Here is a spec sheet for a Wavecor tweeter, the TW030WA02:
4 Ohm - Ferro - TW030WA02 - Soundlabs Group

You can see this tweeter runs pretty low! Check out the response curve.

The sensitivity is quite high: 94.5dB
The power handling is good: ~35W nominal.

Does anyone think that this tweeter could be successfully mated with the 15A to make a successful OB? Maybe using steeper XO slopes? or even digital XO?

Plus: Look at the top-end sizzle on tap! (You'll never need a supertweeter!)
Plus: The low cost of the tweeter.
Minus: Crossing the 15A higher, but perhaps not that much, as the tweeter goes low. (ie Risking incurring "the wrath" for suggesting XO'ing inside the telephone band!)

Consensus please? Is this worth trying?


I don't think it is a good idea . sorry :p
The idea of using a tweeter may be good in a 3 way setup ,so the littler the emitting area ,the narrower the beaming . Changing abruptly from a big woofer to a little dome brings problems in directivity . Then ,moreover ,it is not a dipole !!
You'd be running very close to the Fs of the tweeter if you want to cross at 1kHz. You'd likely run into problems - the usual rule is to keep it around an octave above resonance. If a THD curve showed it was fine to go down there at reasonable levels, then it might be worth a go.

Apart from that, you'd be attempting to match up a dipole bass system with a monopole mid-high. This, too, would likely cause some problems, which is why most people tend to use a FR driver: they have some rear-ward radiation, matching the bass driver.