Advice on what to use for a proper line level preamp for use with active Xover and EQ

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Hello to all. My first post here.

And FYI Im clearly beginner caliber compared to the vast majority here. Im above general consumer knowledge but no budding Nelson Pass. I can follow a fair amount of the terminology used here. But putting it to practice would be an adventure. I know how to solder and can follow instructions OK. But not a seasoned vet here by any measure. Thought it would be worth while to say this. Basically Id like to start the journey of becoming one of you all :) So please tolerate my newbness.

So after playing with boat loads of different consumer gear and speakers Im reaching my desired end goals. Also long past the time to down size on the gear....

Many here likely have done what I am doing. Using an active Xover to drive drivers. Also a good EQ for correction.

Currently using rebuilt USA class AB amps overall and loving it. Various JBL speaker systems and raw drivers to play with. Future speaker projects in mind too.

I have a good deal of rebuilt consumer preamps that are good and well. Just that when using a preamp for a more complex setup that just adds more internal complexity and are not the best fit for a simple line level / source selection need. Never mind the dated design and electronics.

Of the prebuilt preamps out there I like the design and simplicity of the the Aragon 18K and Threshold SL10. That being minimal part count on the boards, wired on parts overall to the main PCB, (supposedly) solid engineering, so on.... Just all these would likely need recap so on work.... which is fine, just something I need to factor in too.

It would be great if there was a kit or pre made, rack mount, design such as these that was available and affordable (well under $1k if possible). I see allot of folks posting about the DIY pass designs out there. Kinda mystery how it would play out tho for me.

Im also unsure just what kind of design would be best when considering the need for a good processing loop. Before the final gain stage I assume?

I also like having clip lights on all the gear as it really helps me get a good grip on the signal balancing between components. Wish to start doing it the proper way by checking line voltages with a meter.

FYI my fav consumer preamp thus far is my SAE Mark 1B. Nice inductor EQ and handy features that make integration with a single amp easy IMO. Like its overall gain setting. Very pleasant sounding preamp to me. Been gone over too BTW.

Would love other folks opinion and take on this. No worries about being thin skinned here too.

Thanks much to all here.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.