Add remote volume control to Logitech X-530/230 speakers

Hi yall!

I would like to add remote volume control to ye olde Logitech X-530 speakers.

This is the 10 kOhm 6 gang potentiometer
which is located on this board.

I think that the best way would be if I could control the volume by directly changing the resistance. I was looking for digital potentiometers and motorized ones, and also using a servo motor to directly rotate the knob. Since I'm new to audio electronics I'm not sure if there are any pitfalls or downsides by using any of those. Or maybe there is a different way to control volume?
Thank you @xXBrunoXx for your reply, it differently would come in handy to use one of those. Since I've already ordered a servo I will try to implement it. It's also easier to do it this way since I don't have to desolder the whole thing. I don't have a heat gun and it's a pain to get off all this pins. But I agree that it would be a much more efficient and elegant solution which offers to use a physical knob beside the digital control feature.

I was searching for one of those on AliExpress but couldn't found a 6 chanel one. So I'm really grateful for your links, since it might be I'll order one of those, I don't need more than a three chanel anyways since I'm not planning to use all speakers. It might happen that I will not manage to make it work with a servo.
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This Logitech speakers have 5 satelite speakers and a subwoofer. It uses three 3.5mm audio jacks for input. There is also a converter which originally came with the speakers and converts this three jacks to two RCA inputs. I use the RCA option because I don't have a PC with 3 jack outputs anymore.

Thanks for those suggestions, to use a complete remote controll solution but I'll use the remote for my two to do this and a mikrocotnroller in my case esp32 and a IR receiver diode which will do all the magic to make it work.
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