Adcom GFP 815 Pre Amp-Any users?


2013-02-02 3:26 pm
Just wondering if anyone is using, or has auditioned an Adcom GFP-815 preamp?
I'm in the process of resurrecting my old system (Mitsubishi DA-F20 tuner, Adcom GFP-1 preamp, Luxman PD-121 turntable, Thiel 04A speakers, Hafler DH-200 amp, and Audio Pro subwoofer). Yes, we're talking "old" here. The preamp needed to be replaced.

I was considering an Adcom GFP-565, or 750 via Ebay, but then ran across Adcom's GFP-815 promotion at $499 (vs. $749) shipping included.

I was unable to retrieve any reviews, but went ahead and ordered the GFP-815 as the promotion was supposed to end Feb. 1.

The question (after the fact) is if this preamp lives up to Adcom's past reputation, or not? I know that Adcom is under new ownership.

If not, you won't hurt my feelings to be honest, I might just kick myself a little.:)

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