5.1 surround system hookup help!


2005-07-11 7:34 pm
Alright, here is my confusion... I just got a scratch and dent 5.1 surround sound setup, but it is mostly made for home theater systems, rather than the PC I am trying to hook it up to. I am trying to get it to work without having to hook up to a receiver first. I want to go from PC 1/8" phone jack to the two speaker wires if Im not explaining that right, here is my duiagram.
correct me if Im wrong, but I think the adaptor I need would have a 1/8" headphone jack on one side (male) and then go into 4 speaker wires, (2 for the left, two for the right)

but I dont know where I could find that, I have searched.. anyone know how I can acomplish the same thing?
You need to put a reciever or amplifier inbetween. A soundcard is not capable of driving 6 speakers.

If you get normal 1/8th to rca splitters, you can hook each channel up independandly to a amp (3 stereo amps would be needed for 5.1) or get a digital reciever and hook in the digital out of your soundcard to the reciever. The reciever / amps will then have similar speaker wire connections to the speakers, and hook up wire inbetween.