3 way OB project: Mid range driver help


2010-03-13 7:17 am
Hello... Here I am again, starting a new thread, requesting help on choosing a mid range or mid bass or wide range driver for my 3 way OB setup. To refresh things a little bit, my system consists of a DBX Driverack PA2 DSP and 3 power amps to drive the 3 sections. The bass drivers are dual Eminence Alpha 15a per side and for the the highs, I have 2 alternatives available: a pair of Infinity EMIT-R tweeters and a pair of Wavecor TW030WA05 tweeters. I listen to all kind of music, sometimes in a mild and kind way, sometimes at real world live concert levels. I am an audiophile who has champagne taste on beer or something better budget, so no $200/each driver suggestions, please. I have considered Visaton B200's, Fostex FF225WK's, Dayton Audio point source units, among some wide range, but maybe there are some midbass units that can do. And please take on consideration the fact that the EMIT drivers are only good down to 3.6kHz, while the Wavecor can go down to 1.5kHz. Also, If there is the possibility that pro audio Midbass units can have potential and which brands to consider from. As always, all kind of comments are welcome....

Scott L

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2008-12-27 12:32 pm
Knoxville, TN

I agree. I have obtained very good results from this driver. But I used 2 per side
in a sealed enclosure with baffle step compensation included. I am not sure how
to incorporate a device in an open baffle because an open baffle does not interest me in the least.


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