2 or 3 way horn using Peerless SLS 830669 - 12

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Hello all, I've been bitten by the horn bug and have decided to repurpose my 4 Peerless SLS 830669 - 12 in as the bass section of a Cornwall/La Scala/JubScala inspired build.

I have built a couple of speakers but am a neophyte and am hoping the collective wisdom of the group will point me in the right direction.

I have a few questions with regards to how I should set up the speakers.

The simplest route would be to build a simple box for them. Either ported or sealed. The specs suggest for a:
Sealed Box - 3 cubic feet, F3 of 40Hz
Vented Box - 4.5 cubic feet, 3" vent by 5" long, F3 of 30Hz

If I have 2 speakers per box do I keep to these volumes?
If not, how much larger do I make them?
A Cornwall is basically a big ported box with 2 horns stuck inside
(Which has uhhh....polarized the debate as to their appropriateness)

Following that train of thought, my concern is that horns are fast.
Will the above setup be too slow? Will it not integrate well?
Could I set the Peerless drivers up in some sort of folded horn arrangement? If so, what dimensions would I use? I don't mind big. Basically I want it all, deep fast bass and if the compromise is horn size, (without it taking up half my room) I can live with that. Let's say I'm willing to live with 2 fridges IF the performance follows suit.

My next question deals with horn driver suggestions.
Can I get away with a 2 way like a JubScala
(The best kind of crossover is the one that isn't there (0 problems with that one))

Suggestions for affordable compression drivers that could pull this off?

The nice thing about the Peerless drivers is that they will play fairly high up so perhaps this will let me find a suitable driver more easily.

If I decide to go 3 way, I've heard good things about the Selenium D250X midrange driver and Selenium D220Ti for tweeters.
Can anyone comment on their application in this instance?

Other suggestions?

What about waveguides?
Should one go letterbox shape, square, round? any models or plans I could base myself off? Do I make these of wood, fibreglass, purchase them?

As far as crossovers go, I haven't made up my mind yet. I may go active as I love the freedom it gives.

*Image is meant as a starting point. I will probably keep the bass units in their own enclosure and position the horns on top unless someone can give me good reason to put them inside the box.

Thank you in advance for all your great ideas.
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Now JBL 2214's

These sort of fell into my lap...

JBL 2214Hs
2416's with Electrovoice Sentry III horns...

Now to get them happily married.

Set them up quickly with mini dsp and crossed them over at 1200hz (also tried 800hz-1000hz) with an 18db slope. + 7.5 db at 40 hz (also eq'ed for the the room)

Driving them I have a variety of equipment. Either Bryston BP20 or Conrad Johnson PV12 as pre with Adcom GFA555's series 1 and 2, or Bryston B3 for amplification.

1) Have a ground-loop hum that I can't seem to shake. Everything plugged in the same socket, I am left scratching my head.

2) The combination sounds pretty good when I play it loud but only so-so when at lower volumes. It's as if the cabs don't load properly until a certain volume is present. Don't get me wrong, I like it loud... but also like to carry on conversations sometimes as well.

Going to try and do a passive crossover (At least I'll get rid of the ground-loop)

My question is as follows..

There are 4 ports on the JBL cabs, could I try blocking (or partially blocking) 2 of the 4 ports to help them load at lower volumes?

The other option would be to design a transmission line style enclosure for them. To a) help them go a little lower b) get them to perform better at a lower volume. Does this seem like a good idea?


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