1st DIY Sub Build


2019-03-22 10:26 am

I am new to DIY audio, and am looking into building a subwoofer. I have a budget of $400 and am the sub is going into a small room. Roughly 12’ x 15’. In leaning towards a class D amp (IcePower) and am looking for a driver 8 or 10”.

Does anyone know of any good plans, drawings etc. that would work for this? I am open to suggestions.

Hard to tell if you don't tell us how low and how loud this subs should go.

btw: i run a Scanspeak 26W/8534G00 10" driver in a 77L sealed testcabinet in mdf and this works very well (F3 of 42Hz, F10 of 26Hz without eq). The driver is 100€ down here, and the cabinet can be made for 75€ (for the 18mm birch plywood i will use for the final version) if you got woodwork skills and tools. Then you have an other 225€ to find your amp for it. This combo is max 60w, is in this config 88dB efficient and easely reach 102dB (what is more or less the reference for homeuse speakers) full open. My room is 8x6.5x2.5m large.

And this is only one example. I'm sure many other possibilities are availeble...