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    Is this a good driver combination? (Dayton rs100-4 and nd20fb-4)

    After deciding not to go with the CSS fr125sr in a TL, I decided I would try a cheaper alternative. I chose the Dayton rs100-4 and nd20fb-4 for the flattest response (Zaph|Audio) and small size. A sub can come later. I'm thinking of putting these in a BiB-like enclosure, except smaller and...
  2. M

    How low can you go? (with the tweeters)

    What is your opinion on how low a tweeter can be played? This question is specifically related to the PE buyout on Onkyo tweeters and my line array project. :) These tweeters have an Fs of 4200 Hz, and I want to go as low as possible (below Fs if that was possible). What happens at Fs? I...
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    Replacing 8-ohm tweeter with 4-ohm

    Hello, new to forum. I've got an original set of ProAc Super Tablettes which use a discontinued SEAS 19mm tweeter crossed at 5kHz. One of them fried from an apparent power surge. Having looked around DIY forums, it would seem that replacing both with Vifa XT19's would be a more than...