1. C

    quick and dirty Mono Sum circuit

    Hi, I'm hoping someone could point me in the correct direction for a suitable circuit to SUM a stereo line level signal to Mono. I found the following circuit via google: Would this do the trick? Thanks in advance
  2. V

    Sugden A28 II schématic ?

    Hello, I search the Sugden A28 II schematic for repair this one. Thanks. Hervé.
  3. Z

    Compessor Magma-Tech Type 31 Schématic !!

    Hi, i looking about a Compessor Magma-Tech Type 31 Schématic, Somebody know where i can find it ? Merci :)
  4. G

    Classé DR3 schematic

    I'm loocking for the schematic from the Classé DR-3 amp. You would help me to send it to me Kind regards guido
  5. D

    TEAC X1S Technical Schématic

    Hi All, I use the TEAC X1S like drive and I want upgrade the digital output and the clock with tentlabs module, but for this upgrade I prefere remove the PCB board of the DAC (because I use exernal DAC and I need more place) and like this I can take the supply of the DAC for the Tentlabs...