1. Pano

    FS: Signal Transformers Altec, Jensen, Soweter, Onetics

    I love transformer coupled audio circuits. But I have some transformers kicking around my parts box that need to find a new home. $45 Pair: Altec/Peerless 15356 Octal base. Look old, sound great. Some solder on the pins. $35 Pair: Jensen JT-11-HFMPC Tested but never used. $40 Pair: Sowter...
  2. A

    Driver units "blowout"

    Hi folks, I have lots of speaker units to give away. :) As we have tested (and bought) hundreds of different drivers, now we have definitely too much of them.... we won't be able to use them in our projects. :( They are all new, some have been mounted once for measuring. If someone is...