1. wildswan

    Help! Looking for a Tek 2225 Service Manual or schematics??

    Hi there, My Tek 2225 has developed a problem with the focus control, and Im having trouble finding a service manual or schematic for download. It has developed a problem with the focus control. As it's the in HV section, I'm a little reluctant to stick my multimeter probes in there!! Any...
  2. I

    FS Fluke ScopeMeter 99b complete

    Hi I'm selling a Fluke scopemeter 99b. This includes the original case an all accessories and the manual. It also comes with a comstat 100. The battery has been tested and works. I am asking 750
  3. pjp

    Please review these oscilloscopes for me ?

    I want to buy my first oscilloscope. I have a choice of these 2. http://www.aplab.com/pdfs/3702%20-%2020MHz%20Dual%20Trace%20Oscilloscope.pdf and http://www.owon.com.cn/eng/pds5022.asp (also this page: http://www.owon.com.cn/eng/pdsSeries.asp ) I don't know enough about oscilloscopes to make...