1. eriksquires

    Is digital delay worth it in an active speaker?

    Hi Everyone, I haven't been here in a while but a recent built by Troels Gravesen has made me think about building a new, 3-way active center. Mostly I'm intrigued by the Illuminator 12MU he used. Here's my question. Assuming I go fully active with a similar design, is there any benefit to...
  2. A

    Active Subwoofer Dead Channel

    I have a KRK RP10s active subwoofer, and it has some symptoms that I have never seen before, though I wouldn't say I have much experience with this sort of thing. First off, the right channel is dead. If I plug in the left channel, sound comes out and it works, right channel does nothing...
  3. A

    Passive Bandpass Filter

    I am looking to create my first project. I would like to design a bandpass filter to run a pair of 10in slim subs to act as mid-bass drivers for my system. My intent is to run an 80hz HPF which goes into a 450hz LPF to create a usable BPF. Now from some of my readings, low frequency passive...