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NeoY2k 17th December 2009 11:58 AM

Infra infrabass for 400 square meters: How?
I'd like to experiment infrabass for live performance.
Not as much as an "audio" effect, but more as a physiological effect.
That has to be CHEAP!

- Send 10-50Hz through the wooden floor
We have Buttkicker LFE, Bass Pump, Body Shakers.
Considering the price, I'd go with the Body Shakers, they only do 28-55Hz but they are a good starting point. Any other suggestion?

- Send 5-10Hz waves through the wooden floor.

I know Buttkicker LFE can do it (5Hz resonnant frequency), but price is out of question. I don't need "audio" signaling, just make a (sort of) sinewave at these frequencies.

I was thinking of using a motor (washing machine motor?), use a weight on the axis (like for telephone vibration mode) and control the frequency with a switching supply.

What other solutions would you see?

Thank you very much,

MaVo 17th December 2009 01:30 PM

Honestly, infrabass and cheap are mutually exclusive. maybe if you are an engineer and can invent something for yourself, but then you wouldnt post this question :)

So, forget things like "small" "cheap" "easy" if you want <20hz for large spaces. The easiest way would probably be to buy a TH-50 from danley sound labs or maybe some of their DIY kits and hope that the room has enough room gain.

NeoY2k 17th December 2009 02:16 PM

And you don't think the washing machine thing would work?

I'm not at all planning on using it as a musical extension. This is not for music, nor home cinema nor anything like that! I have Nexo subwoofers, L Acoustics subwoofer for that purpose.

I want "tactile" sources, for constant waves (I guess a washing machine won't make a sine, so I just say "wave" ).

More to find "vertigo" or "nausea" effects, which used at a lower level could give an "oppression" feeling - or other feelings I'd like to explore.

davygrvy 17th December 2009 03:03 PM


Originally Posted by NeoY2k (
More to find "vertigo" or "nausea" effects, which used at a lower level could give an "oppression" feeling - or other feelings I'd like to explore.

I read once where the Nazis used 19Hz on a crowd before the appearance of Hitler to make the crowd uncomfortable. When Hitler arrived, they removed the VLF to take the tension away.

AndrewT 17th December 2009 03:15 PM

10Hz is just 600rpm.
An eccentric weight turning that slow will not generate much force and the floor won't move much.
If you can get the weight heavy enough and the eccentricity high enough then considerable force can be generated and this will give the g force required to be felt.

A pair of eccentric weights geared together so that they create up/down force but cancel side to side force will be better.

The attachment of the geared eccentrics to the floor will need to be very strong.

jbell 17th December 2009 03:41 PM

davy got to see one of these in action:

wonder how feasible it would be to do a large scale version of that... think one of those big 36" diameter fans sitting in a doorway.

cbdb 17th December 2009 03:55 PM

If you use the floor you will feel the vibration and anything resting on the floor will also vibrate. A motor coupled to a sheet of plywood might work better but it dosnt seem that easy to do. The other thing is, all the harmonic distortion ( and there will probably be a lot of it) will be audible (like just about any object that "vibrates"). What about using a big variable speed drill for the motor, save some effort on the power source.

davygrvy 17th December 2009 04:20 PM

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Originally Posted by jbell (
davy got to see one of these in action:

Awesome, me too at the AES convention two Octobers ago here in SF. It's completely amazing what it does to the room. Modulating air currents in the room was the best. That poster board in the last photo was shaking from the currents.

myhrrhleine 17th December 2009 05:44 PM

do keep in mind that the intestines are inclined to let go at around 8hz

Circlomanen 17th December 2009 05:49 PM

For 5 - 20 Hz sine-wave non-audiophile infra-bass the eccentric weight and a controlled electric motor should do wonders.
I had a neighbor that i wanted to drive insane once, and the eccentric weight thing was what i was considering. Bolt it down to the concrete floor, find the structural resonance and leave it running for a week. I didn't do it of course, but the idea was tempting. a 20 pound weight 12 inch off-center on a big industrial electric engine (10 KW or more) bolted hard to a large surface should be able to ruin a house in no time!!! It will transfer kilowatts of energy to the walls, floors and air! That will be similar to something like a 6 x 6 stack of Danley TH50s. The biggest problem that i can see will be transferring that amount of energy without breaking everything.

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