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SM7UYJ 13th January 2011 07:16 AM

My 2:nd ESL-attempt
My attempt to make a fullrange ESL

For two years now I have been listening to my ESL-hybrid speakeras, and I'm very pleased - but time has come for a new build.

This time I'll have a go at a fullrange ESL-speaker and the plans at the moment are:
  • 1500x250mm bass-panel, d/s 3mm
  • 1500x250mm treble/tweeter-panel, d/s 1.5-2mm

Stators made off 1mm steelplate, 3mm holes 4mm spacing => 51% open area before powdercoating.

Stators prepared and awaiting paint.

(also shows my "extra" 1000x250mm stators that I made from the "scrap" when cutting)

Closeup off how I make the connectionpoints to the stators.

3mm brass screw and nut, grind it down so it's in level with the plate before painting.

On the "nut side" I grind the screw and solder it to the nut and solderlug.


CharlieM 13th January 2011 03:57 PM

Speaker building get in your blood, doesn't it?
Your first ESL's are impressive indeed--- I'm sure these will be too.
Keep us posted on your progress!

SM7UYJ 13th January 2011 09:12 PM

CharlieM: It sure does! It might get better with time, but I doubt it!

I got my stators back from the paint shop today!

I have begun to tape two off the stators using 1.5x20mm tape I found at a local supermarket. The tape is quite stiff, wich I think is good for my two layers to get 3mm d/s.

I have a testroll off 3M tape made for powdercoated stuff (acording to the 3M rep.) and I think the glue on my noname tape is just as good as the 3M stuff.
Just in case, I sanded the edges using 180grit paper and cleaned with acetone before ataching the tape to the stators.

The problem now, is that I have to find a solution for my vertical segmentation off the panel as this will be visible when the panel is mounted in its frame.


chinsettawong 14th January 2011 01:02 AM


Your stators look really nice. Personally, I have found out that running ESL full range isn't that difficult at all. The most important issue is finding the right transformers. Which kind of transformers will you be using? What will be the step up ratio of the transformers?

Please keep us posted and good luck with your build.

Wachara C.

SM7UYJ 14th January 2011 05:51 AM

Hi Wachara,

I have a bunch off 2x12V/2x115V/80VA toroids that I plan to use.
In my hybrids I use 2x5V/240V/80VA (primary winding redone from 27V), but when I tested the frequencyresponce, the new 12V (original winding) measured much better in the lower end!
With the larger d/s I hope I can get away with four off the transformers in original, but likely I'll have to rewind them for a larger transformation ratio.

I will start experimenting when I have my first panel ready!


Calvin 14th January 2011 06:58 AM


the stators, well .... they look black :p
Thickness of the coating seems to be quite thin. Sure not enough for a panel with 3mm d/s. What powder was used in coating the sheets?


chinsettawong 14th January 2011 07:47 AM


I sure like to know how the toroids perform. I've also tested many transformers, and I'm now quite happy with my custom wound, humongous, 50mmx50mm EI transformers. My step up ratio is around 1:90. My spacer thickness is 2 mm and the panel size is 25CMx120CM. I am running my ESL full range. The bass is not heart pounding but I'm very satisfied. :)

Wachara C.

SM7UYJ 14th January 2011 08:21 AM

Here is a closup off the stator - "outside" with the sharp egdes!

Coating used is the same as last time, some sort off PETpaint - black! ;)

If I get any problems, I'll have them put on second round off paint.

It's my day off, so I went to the lumberyard to buy material for the frames.

Dimensions will be 1780 x 710mm with a 250mm "wing" on the backside to stiffen things up and hopefully help the bass a bit!


SM7UYJ 14th January 2011 08:49 AM


I have quite a good stock off 3m and 12m Mylar, wich would you use for the basspanel?


SM7UYJ 14th January 2011 04:26 PM

One panel tested and working! :)

I used my 4.8m film stretched to abt. 2kg/5cm and heattreated after it was attatched to the stators.

I connected it to the trafo and ETH in my hybrids => 1:80 and 3.2kV bias.

It plays bass, but I need to tame the resonance at 35Hz!


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