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mavric 25th February 2010 11:48 PM

different ideas for ESL panels
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I have lost my post and cannot find it, so here is some pics, i will try my best and explain my start and finished product on this one, staying on "topic" of course. i will post some more a little later tonight, and explain everything.

Liquisonic 26th February 2010 12:21 AM

Hey Mav, thanks for the pics, as I am a "visual" person as far as online posts go.

Keep on posting if you have the time

Cheers, Steve :cool:

mavric 26th February 2010 01:24 AM

here are a few more.

mavric 26th February 2010 01:25 AM

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here are some more, i will explain as soon as i can.

Liquisonic 26th February 2010 01:44 AM

Hey Mav...
Have you settled on the TL that you have documented in these pics? If not, I have some suggestions that you should consider before you build!

If you are set on this build, then never mind, but after 6+ years of building/ testing I do have some different suggestions.

Cheers,Steve :cool:

mavric 26th February 2010 01:59 AM

The first is a Beringer Cross over for the panels, it is D.J equipment so you will need to get a Dayton XMRF adapter for RCA connections, from parts express. very reasonable price and well buit. part# 240-438 and 240-428, which are male input and female output from the cross over
the second pic was a draft of my idea for my ESL's, come to find out that someone had allready done this before, i forget his name as my post was lost. Either way, i give credit to the idea, fantastic!
the 3rd pic shows alighning the panels for cutting as well as grinding to smooth the edges and remove any sharp edges as from what i understand is prone to arching. My father as well as Charlie overlooked this procedure.
some of the other are building the TL enclosure. Using one 8" carbon fibre driver in a quiet large enclosre, you can see that on pic #128. Charlie has now begun to flush mount my sub panel using a drop router, it made one heck of a mess, but was perfect. those TL's will be coated as well, it will increase the thickness of the box as well as dampen any resonance due to such a large box. they will have about 100 mills of rhino applied on the TL as well as my stat supports.

and now some good news, the stator that i sparyed is very durable, inexpensive, and i do not see anything like it. you can bend it, fold it in half, it does not matter, the material will not move off the surface or break or tear, so sometime next week, i will spray my primary panels and arch test them.

on my last note, thank you Charlie for support and knowledge, so next is................
to be continued.

mavric 26th February 2010 02:24 AM

i am wide open for suggestions, however, i have to use what i have allready and go from there. Look for the custom transformers bias pics soon, this is a post that should be "from start to built" and every thing along the way. if anyone has suggestions, please post. if it seems off post, post it anyway, how can you learn if you dont see diferent ideas?
kind regards. Mavric

mavric 26th February 2010 02:41 AM

Begringer adaptors
some more pics of the build. i just had to canacel, my camera was set @ 17 mega pix, sorry. try again tommorrow.

a.wayne 26th February 2010 05:46 AM

Why a transmission line ?

geraldfryjr 26th February 2010 06:56 AM

a transmission line give you a lower group delay (better transient response) than a ported box would while still augmenting the low you a cleaner more open sound that mates well to a dipole speaker but without the bass cancelation effect that a dipole woofer presents. jer

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