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yoke 15th July 2006 10:59 AM

PSU capacitors for Aleph
Hi I need help chousing what type of capacitor to buy. Since I 'am gona buy this once and spend I reasonable amount of money I thought better to ask some of you experienced what to use.
I need them for AlephX ( +/-18V ),Aleph30 ( +/-24V ) and mini Aleph ( +/-18V ).

So this is what I can get and the price for them:
( from farnell ( ) and rscomponents ( ) )

This two I can get in Croatia :

RIFA PEH 200 22000/25V PEH200HC5220MB2

ESR 17mOhm I=15.2A ( 85* )

Price for 25 peaces of them would be 490Euro


Vishay BC components 22000/40V ( 051/053 PHR ST )

ESR 39mOhm I=5.8A ( 85* )

Which I can get for 12.5 Euro/peace = 22 peaces = 275 Euro

Or, I can order from U.K.

Epcos 47000/40V ( B 41 456 / B 41 458 )
ESR 12mOhm I=13A ( 85* )
Would need 16 of them and the price would come out around 30 Euro / peace
Total 480Euro

Vishay BC components 47000/40V ( 101/102 PHR ST )
ESR 12mOhm I=14.6A ( 85* )
Would need 16 of them and the price would come out around 30 Euro / peace
Total 480Euro

Or I could use 22000/40V and would nead 20-22 of them and the price would be the sime as for 16 of 47000uF...

Epcos 22000/40V ( B 41 456 / B 41 458 )
ESR 20mOhm I=9.6A ( 85* )

Vishay BC components 22000/40V ( 101/102 PHR ST )
ESR 20mOhm I=9.4A ( 85* )

So any advice what would you chouse in my place ?
Would you go for Epcos, BC, or Rifa ?
Rifa is near power voltage 24V / 25V - but I believe it can take it, I like the idea of Rife since I would not have to bother with custom, or anything...just order...and wait ( or I could order from U.K. and pay something less )
but if Epcos or BC is better capacitor at the sime price ?


eapavant 15th July 2006 12:01 PM

The Vishay and Rifa are better. Have you looked on ebay? Thats a lot of money for caps.

yoke 15th July 2006 02:28 PM


Originally posted by eapavant
. Have you looked on ebay? Thats a lot of money for caps.
I have look couple days ago, but didn't find anything...will try again.

The shiping and custom pump up the price :-(

Rifa on rswww are around 11Euro ( 13 with VAT ) but if I order from their representative in Croatia the sime capacitor cost me 25Euro ( with VAT )...:-(

steenoe 15th July 2006 02:35 PM

If you are building the last word in psu's you want RIFA's, no doubt:) I had loads of RIFA's from this guy at cheap prices:
The Rifa's are exceptionally good electrolytics.


BTW I am sorry to see that there is only a few left:bawling:

steenoe 15th July 2006 02:39 PM

On a second thought the PHE169 15.000uF's are pretty nice at that price:) 30 pcs left!

On a third thought there is even more nice components available:)

yoke 15th July 2006 02:42 PM

whats the price in Euro ?

yoke 15th July 2006 02:48 PM

I found english version, but information is not the sime as on svenska ... will send him a e.mail

steenoe 15th July 2006 02:50 PM

Do a conversion on from Swedish kroner to Euro's.
The Rifa's at Svalanders are so cheap that you wouldnt believe it! Compare the price to Rifa's listed price


Babowana 15th July 2006 03:17 PM


Originally posted by steenoe

so cheap that you wouldnt believe it!

Many famous brands stunningly cheap in some area. . .
Quality marginally different, tho. . .


steenoe 15th July 2006 03:19 PM


Quality marginally different, tho. . .
In this particular case: I dont think so.


Babowana??? With JHY signature?? YOU have me guessing:D

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