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PKI 30th July 2012 06:52 PM

Aleph 60 building thread
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I was in the process of building an Aleph 5 amp, but reading and discussions with forum members(thank you folks: 6L6, Zen Mod, Jacco Vermeulen and Nelson Pass) converted me to make an Aleph 60 instead!

Here is a thread about Aleph 5 for reference(I can delete it after):

These are what I have:
1) Chassis: 2 monoblocks with(per each): 2x 210mmX300mmX40mm 0.2c/w heatsinks, 0.19(~5mm) face, 0.125(~3mm) back, top and bottom.

(Will assemble and upload photos soon, waiting for some screws from "online").

2) PSU: 600VA, 25V 2x12A toroidals and 4/ch 100k uf 50v United Chemicon caps.

3) BrianGT aleph boards(photo bellow).

I will be using ZVP3310 as inputs and IRFP240 as outputs, which I will order(as soon as he has them in stock) form other forum member h-a.

Right now I have couple of questions which stops me and would really appreciate your help:
1) Which wires should I use for high current(non signal) purpose? Will any (from let say ebay) 12-14awg with teflon insulation work or you can recommend something better?

2) and major. I have an pdf(sorry can't upload excel, so include a link on it) file attached with schematics, board layout and parts number for the boards I have. I've tried to match parts number from this list to original schematics, but still have many gaps. I would appreciate if you be so kind to help me with this, because I can't proceed without knowing this correspondence. Please! :-)

Thank you in advance!

Zen Mod 30th July 2012 07:39 PM

1. in EU terms - use 2.5sqmm for energy cables - (pos , neg , gnd) and tiniest you can see/handle for signal

2.isn't explanation included in pdf self explanatory ?

PKI 30th July 2012 07:47 PM

I see which parts I need according to the pdf(so I technically could just order and populate), but I really would like to understand a correspondence, but I am not vary good in reading pcb layouts. And yes, I do understand that it is maybe to much for asking, but I sad "please!" :-)

Zen Mod 30th July 2012 07:50 PM

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I know that you said please ;)

is this helping :

PKI 30th July 2012 08:01 PM

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to understand the amp schematics yes! Thank you! But there is a total mess in my head about input resistors(before Q1-Q3) on the pcb layout can't track them :-(.

PKI 31st July 2012 03:58 PM

I was looking through the schematics from post #4(thanks again Zen Mod!) and can't quite get all the correction :-(. They say that trim's should be all resistors marked in red, which is only R115?!
Another: DC adjustment, is it R106 or R8?
I am totally confused now :-(. Which of these modifications I need for my 25V trans? Or should I just go according to original values?

Zen Mod 31st July 2012 06:42 PM

just go with original values

please clarify - what you really need - help for understanding operation of circuit , or help for proper populating of BrianGT's pcbs ?

PKI 31st July 2012 07:43 PM

Oh, sorry. I understand in general(maybe not for tweaking/tuning yet) operation and I guess it is not fair to ask about basics here(there are plenty books on amps design). So I would think that for me it is best to make a first iteration — populate boards and start the amp...and only after play a bit with it to improve my understanding. Does it sound reasonable?

Zen Mod 31st July 2012 08:21 PM



6L6 31st July 2012 08:37 PM

Yes, exactily.

Get the amp assembled, running, and stable as drawn before making any modifications.

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