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Michele 19th November 2008 08:26 AM

Threshold sa6
Is anybody able to tell me the value of a pair of SA6?

Thank you

steenoe 19th November 2008 09:29 AM

Not sure what they are worth , but it is surely a fine set of amp's.
Check Ebay and see what they are sold for.
They were produced from 1990-1994 and I am not sure if NP had left the company at that time. Nevertheless, the Stasis amps are great.


jacco vermeulen 19th November 2008 09:59 AM

Me thinks NP had already left the stage before the SA/6e was released.

MSRP of the monaurals was around 10% more than the comparable stereo Threshold model.
The 100W monaural SA/2e did ~$7K/set in the US around 1990, and in the EC the equivalent of ~10K.
The SA/6e shares the chassis of the SA/2e, same 800VA size toroid, identical size output stage.
Different is the big can size, the SA/6e has twice the 60KuF/Ch. of the SA/2e.

Asking price for a mint condition SA/2e is likely somewhere around 4.5K, also some 10% more than what to expect for the SA/4e stereo model, i'd estimate the SA/6e to fetch a somewhat lower price.
Add some bumps and scratches, and it's down the hill you go.

Nelson Pass 19th November 2008 04:52 PM

If they were produced 1990 or 91, then I was still there.


jacco vermeulen 19th November 2008 05:48 PM

Gotcha. :D

The '89/'90 drawings of the S-series that Mr Pass was so kind to share includes the SA/6e, two driver-output stages are operated in parallel in the SA/6e.
Send word if you'd like to have the files, Michelle.

Michele 19th November 2008 07:12 PM

Thank you jacco, i hope the capacitors are ok. Do you think I can offer 3000/3500 euro?

Nounours18200 13th December 2008 06:49 PM

I have recently (12 months) bought a pair of SA/6e in France.

You have to know that the SA/6e are extremely rare in Europe because of an original selling price that was stratospheric... (due to the European importer). I have bought them for 5k whereas the seller asked 6k.

I would bet that it is possible for you to find a pair of them < 5k$ in the States.

Good luck,

Melkior 28th January 2013 12:23 PM

Dear all,

I use this old topic concerning the SA/6, because I have a problem with the SA/6 I recently purchased, so some advices would be welcome.

Basically I think it's a ground problem : if I let the amps switched on and connected to the speakers, I have no noise at all, just a very low "Shhhh" in the tweeters, but as soon as I connect a source (solid state ou tube one), using RCA or XLR, immediately I can hear a noise in the woofers. If I switch off the preamp the noise is still there, I have to remove the power chord of the source to make the noise disapear. I have had the same problem with a SA 3.9e, I sold it as I thought it was not compatible with my installation, but the SA/6 do the same. I have also a pair of tube (845) monoblocs, and when I put them in the system with the same cables, no problem at all. I also tested an Accustic Arts power amp without any problem.

The only way to remove the noise is to disconnect the ground of the SA/6 power cable, which is not safe.

For me it looks like a ground problem through interconnect with the Thresholds. I was supposed to make them upgraded, but as it's quite expensive I won't do it if this problem is not solved before (or if it can not be solved during the upgrade).

So any kind advices would be welcome, I would be really disappointed to sell them for a so stupid reason.

Zen Mod 28th January 2013 01:08 PM

pictures pretty please

I think that simple ground tricks , as introducing NTC or diode bridge between audio gnd and chassis - will do the trick

but first wee need to see what's inside

Melkior 28th January 2013 02:18 PM


Originally Posted by Zen Mod (
pictures pretty please

I think that simple ground tricks , as introducing NTC or diode bridge between audio gnd and chassis - will do the trick

but first wee need to see what's inside

Thanks a lot for your answer, I'll upload pictures tonight.

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