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edjosh23 16th September 2005 01:27 AM

FE127 project
I finally got one of my friends into this whole DIY thing. He was on a very tight budget so I recommended the FE127. He recieved them last night from Madisound, and today he brought them over, we listened to them for a little bit and he is leaving them here to break in. Tomorrow we are going to build some cheap boxes to go next to his computer monitor. They aren't going to be very great for bass and due to such a tight squeeze in his computer desk, they are going to be a little small and slender. What we have decided is to build a .5ft^3 box ported and tuned to 66hz. For the next couple months he will live with that until we build a back horn or TQWT. I've done quite a bit of searching, but I'm still looking for more designs. A horn would be great, I've never built one and am very interested in them.

I've heard lots of things about how long these things need to break in and right now it is really obvious they need to be broken in, they are really really harsh. The packaging was great and the build quality of the drivers are really nice. These are so different from the drivers I'm used to seeing.

I'm really looking forward to listening to these and building boxes for them, I only wish I could speed up break in.

Any enclosure suggestions?



Dumbass 16th September 2005 07:00 AM

A vented transmission line, designed specifically for the FE127E by GM:

>>>L = 22.38"
>>>W = 7.43"
>>>D = 4.58"
>>>driver down 8.85" from top
>>>1.5" dia vent x 1.125" long near/at the bottom
>>>Just a couple of oz of stuffing behind the driver

You can even use a 2" port, and get a little 2dB hump in the bass.

If you want to be really cool, put the thing on legs (at least 2" long) and have the port down-firing.

But don't take my (or GM's) word for it; build it cheap & dirty from some particle board (just ensure air-tightness) and see how you like it.

edjosh23 16th September 2005 11:53 AM

My friend is still trying to figure out the space, and it might not end up being good to try and squeeze the speakers on the two sides of the monitor because space seems to be very limited.
We decided that we are going to build some boxes to matter what, so that could be possible for this weekend.

How would I calculate that port size into a rectangular vent?

Do you happen do know any BLH for the fe127?



MPM 16th September 2005 12:43 PM


Most the the thread below pertains to the fe127.

moray james 17th September 2005 01:21 AM

Look at this
I don't imagine that you will find the equal much less better this design. Regards Moray James.

edjosh23 17th September 2005 08:48 PM

Well I convinced my friend to go with GM's plans.

I put everything into winISD and the port size is the same as Gm's box. I've decided to go with a a rectangulr vent out the bottom of the front baffle. I've calculated the vent to be 7.43"w x .5" and 2.22"long

Does that sound about right?

Well I'm waiting for him to get wood and some stiff from radioshack, it looks like we might not get much work done since it is already almost 5pm, but hopefully we can build everything pretty quickly.

and thanks for the links


GM 17th September 2005 10:13 PM


The vent needs to be acoustically ~2.82" long to tune it the same, so if you're using the side walls/bottom to form three of its sides, then in theory ~2.22" is close enough, but the aspect ratio is considerably >9:1 so it may be resistive enough to tune it lower than predicted.


jim_vt 17th September 2005 11:42 PM

I'm thinking about building one of these as well...however I'm confused on a few things.

How much stuffing is required, and how do I go about securing it inside the cabinet?

Are those internal dimensions, or external ones? And if external, what size stock was used...

Thanks for the help

GM 18th September 2005 01:53 AM


All dims are inside. Stuffing is a personal thing. Lon swears that any kills off too much of its dynamics, but I feel a small amount behind the driver is sufficient, while some others prefer to line the walls/top down to below the driver or suspend an acoustic 'drape' of 1" thick acoustic fiberglass insulation from the top.

Loose stuffing can be held in place by stapling or gluing webbing across the cab at the point where you want it to stop. Another is to make a bag out of cheesecloth or expanded mesh that can be attached to a wall or suspended from the top.


jim_vt 18th September 2005 02:17 AM

Could you maybe draw a picture of what you mean? I'm having a brain fart...usually happens around this time of night.

Thanks for the assistance so far though :cool:

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