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Dave the bass 28th December 2012 10:19 AM

Hello, its been a while, but....Its Christmas, aka. 'Project Time'.

With the advent of a dedicated room for fettling stuff in, so has the need for a suitable pair of speakers to put in it. Our-Phil (Pre-65) kindly loaned me his MDF FH3's as a stop gap, approx 10 months later I'm finally getting around to building a pair for myself.

I like working with Ply, so I'll be making a pair in 18mm BP. I've had a quick browse around at piccies of other fella's constructions and like the little 'top hat' piece seen on these...

...and I think that rebated stylee would look good in simple ply too. I want to go one step furthur (....'on the bus...' :) ) and rebate the complete front panel into the side/top/and base parts. That way I'll have a nice 6mm 'frame' of yummy ply all the way around the front baffle giving them a nice finish (IMO!), which is nice as I don't want/like veneered or painted speakers as much as hot-n-saucy nekkid ply!!!

This morning is cut plan and measuring time.

Hopefully pick up some nice BP this afternoon and get it cut accurately then its orf darn the shed for rest of the holiday period.



Dave the bass 29th December 2012 07:16 PM


I've gone for a more organic look....

Hahaha (etc).

So after a lot of planning, head scratching and adding up and taking-away to accommodate the rebated-ness (good word that)....

...I went and got a lovely sheet of 18mm cut today.

...." the professionals recommended by people with thumbs"

1st job was to jig and rout the bases. I've gone for and 8mm 'frame cos it looks more balanced IMO.

Full safety gear natch, plus I have to wear glasses which is a recent pain in the botty but at least I can see what I'm cutting/routing thesedays... which is nice.

At the end of todays play we have a grand total of 2 bases made.

More dust as its made.


Scottmoose 29th December 2012 10:03 PM

Dust is good. :D So long as it isn't MDF dust anyway. :rolleyes:

Dave the bass 30th December 2012 09:13 AM

Aye, "Kents Premier dust manufacturing facility" according to Dust Monkey Magazine.


Dave the bass 30th December 2012 07:10 PM

Today started with 'Nard in the groove and me routin' a groove...

I've made 2 experimental tops so I can practise getting the 4.8 degree angle nice.

I did a temp lash up to check maths work was correct and the internal dimensions were correct, bang on, huzah. Then I worked on the baffle angle I needed to cut on the side panels...

...and at the end of play today have 2 side panels cut out of 4 total and a pair of neatly routed top panels.

Doesn't look it but a lot of accurate progress was made today. More dust manufacturing tomorrow.


Dave the bass 31st December 2012 08:47 PM

So today,and accompanied by Stevie Wonder's 'golden period' albums, I drew out the 69" radius for the rear horn profile. Having transferred that shape I made up a 'master' panel by which all other panels will be cut from (knowing that the master is bang-on size and angle-wise).

Master and Minion.

Cheese and Onion.

Just checking everyone's still awake :)

Next I jig sawed the approx curve....

...and then, using a newly purchased Trimmer and follower bit I started electro-whittling....

Whahey! A clone!

After a few more 18mm x 10mm deep routs we have the shape of a nearly free standing FH3....

...with a saucy rebate where the baffle will go.

Its twin brother will be birthed tomorrow from these...

Once I have attempted to empty some of these...

Cheers! :-)


chrisb 31st December 2012 09:19 PM

Geeze, you make that look easy

for me it's


(OK, both actually)

This I never saw before, and just about snorted out my coffee:

but for serious evening consumption (like after the 3HP router is put to bed) , my favorite pairing would need to be:

who needs all those epithelial or liver cells anyway?

Dave the bass 1st January 2013 05:09 AM

^^^ :)

...and a happy new year to you ya Crisp Munching vodka swillin' 3HP router wielding crazy!!!

Only 2 more hours to before I can get down the shed for more mess-making :)


chrisb 1st January 2013 06:55 AM


Originally Posted by Dave the bass (
^^^ :)

...and a happy new year to you ya Crisp Munching vodka swillin' 3HP router wielding crazy!!!

Only 2 more hours to before I can get down the shed for more mess-making :)


yeah, the crisps/chips are all I get to "munch" any more, at least it's "Miss" Vickies - not that there's anything wrong with the other

I hope you enjoy the little horns Dave

Dave the bass 1st January 2013 08:33 AM

SeaBrooks Crisps for me, love 'em. Too much some would say when they look at my tum tum!


Originally Posted by chrisb (

I hope you enjoy the little horns Dave

I have been Chris, I really like what the 126 does in that little 'orn. I've had a MDF pair on loan from a chum on Audio-Talk for about 10 months. I really felt the time had come to build a pair for myself so I can release the borrowed pair back into the wilds of Essex where they came from.

Onwards! To the shed!


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