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Toppsy 15th December 2012 08:18 PM

Zia asked if I would post a thread on this build so here it is.

These speakers are for a mate who lives in Scotland. He was so impressed with the performance of the small bookshelf A12P speakers he ordered a pair the drivers and asked if I could do him a floorstander with a bit more bass extension than the bookshelves. So a call to Scottmoose and he came up with this design. It has a different alignment than the Pencil series and requires minimum damping as per typical for MLTL's.

To date I have built both speaker carcasses ready for veneering with some European Oak that is due for delivery early next week. You will note that the front and rear baffles are doubled up in thickness so to incorporate a 18mm x 18mm rebate for full length solid European Oak edgings all round. The top and bottom of the speakers will also be 25mm thick soild European Oak hence the window braces to hold it all together as these will be glued on last and sanded flush with the veneer.

Anyway to some photos:

Photo 1 below shows the basic carcass with the internal damping:

Photo 2 shows the front and rear views of the assembled cabinets. The 2" dia hole in the rear panel is for an adjustable L-Pad as Andrew wants to have the facility to use a Supertweeter (Fostex T90A) with the speakers.

Photo 3 below is of the driver cut-out in the front baffle and clearly seen in the rear baffle the cutouts for the L-pad.

And lastly a photo taken from above lookinking down into the speaker showing the chamfer around the driver cut out.

I'll post more photos when I get the veneer and have glued on the soild Oak components.

If the performance of the Scottmoose designed bookshelves is anything to go by I have high hopes for these. Fingers crossed Andrew will love them.

zman01 16th December 2012 11:22 AM


Thanks for sharing, and looking good. Looking at the pics I guess the driver mounting is a bit higher than the Pensil, and cabinet height might have a couple of inches on them too (might be wrong on both counts though).

Will you playing them for a few days before your friend picks them up? You still have your 12P (which are well broken in) for some listening?

ejfud 16th December 2012 02:17 PM

As always great work. Your builds are always great.

Toppsy 17th December 2012 11:32 AM

Yes the driver is mounted closer to the top of the cabinet over that of the Pencils and height wise it's near enough the same as the Super Pencil12's.
I know Scott is not in favour of the larger SuperPencils for this driver and only did the design due to member pressure. These boxes have been designed with Andrew's specific requirements in mind and in a sense are a little experimental.

In the wings I have planned for myself a 2-compartment floorstander using the A12P with a active bass helper. I'll post up these when I get around to the actual build.

The box makeup for these MLTLs is a little different from the norm due the requirement for the 18mm sq solid oak edgings all round and the soild oak top and bottom. Without this requirement only the front baffle would be doubled up in thickness with all the other panels single 18mm ply so a very simple box ala the Pencils and no need for any extra internal bracing.

zman01 17th December 2012 12:35 PM

My experience with Scott's designs tell me that Andrew will be happy with the "experimental" design. :)

Your idea/plan for a design with active bass helper sounds exciting. Keep us posted on your choice of woofer - it will be interesting to see which ones are a good match with the A12P.

Toppsy 17th December 2012 06:52 PM

Scott designed the bass helper floorstander design for these:

I won't know how well these will keep pace with the A12P's but I'm sure Scott knows a thing or two, hey ;)
I know they is are a couple dB down on the A12P but then with the active modules having independant volume out on the woofers this should not be an issue.

and the active module shall be these:


AndrewL 19th December 2012 10:06 AM

Looks like Colin has done an amazing job on these cabs, really gone to town.

I like Scott's Fostex 167 MLTL and the little stand mount AP12P are amazing, so I'm sure the AP12P MLTL will be a winner!

chris661 22nd December 2012 11:48 PM

I've seen some of the lower-budget Peerless drivers used in ~1000 speakers* (the woofers are 20 each). The bass drivers linked above there are considerably better than those, so I'd expect will keep up nicely.

What will the crossover look like?


*the Neat Motive range

Toppsy 2nd January 2013 07:13 PM

Between my other speaker builds and the near constant rain here in the UK over the Christmas and New Year break I have managed to progress this build. The European Oak veneer arrived just before Christmas so I have manged to veneer all panels of the speakers, machine up and joint the 25mm thick solid Oak top and bottom panels and all 8 of the 19mm sq. full depth side strips. Later tonight I shall glue on the side strips and leave these overnight for the glue to set before gluing on the top and bottom panels. These will all need trimming flush to the veneered ply and profiled with my router. I hope to have them ready for applying the oil coat by the weekend so I can then start the slow process of running-in the drivers ready for collection by their new owner.

The keen eyed of you will note 3 light coloured marks around the port tube. These are not apparent to the nakid eye and are where I used a
Staedtler Mars Plastic Eraser to rub out the marking out lines. These will disapper when I finally sand the cabinets ready for the application of the finishing oil. (I hope!)

More photos to follow.

zman01 2nd January 2013 07:21 PM


Are you going to give the oak strips a 45 degree chamfer?

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