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nad 3rd December 2009 08:36 PM

Difference between Audiolab 8000CD & CDE
Can somebody please help???

I'm after info on the differences between the Audiolab 8000CD & CDE?

It's obviousy components but what components? I'm thinking of saving the £200 and buying the CDE and spending the £200ish savings on mods.

Any ideas?

contax 17th December 2010 12:14 PM

Hello nad,

I have bought a cheap not working CDE and I want to try to fix it. Do you have any information about the CDE?. Service manuals, schematics?. What is the CD mechanism?. Is it the CDM12.4

Thanks for your help.

contax 14th January 2011 11:10 AM

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Comparing my Audiolab CDE with the picture of the 8000CD (attached), I have found the following:

The control and Display Board is the same (with a P89C51 microcontroller). The LCD display is different.

The power supply board is the same, however the CDE has only one transformer with more outputs.

The servo and mechanism must be the same (Employing the same high quality dedicated mechanism, ‘lazy’ servo and software as the original 8000CD player, the CDE is both accurate and detailed with astonishing timing and neutrality)

The DAC board is the same. The are some holes without components, because the CDE hasn't the Toslink and BNC coaxial outputs.

I have been trying to find the fault in my control/display board withou success. The microcontroller seems faulty or has lost the flash program.

Best regards

contax 14th January 2011 06:07 PM

Display PCB schematic (unfinished)
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This is the display PCB schematic not finished. I imagine the clock signal comes from the servo board. There is a 10-way connector not included. The purpose could be for progamming the flash memory. I don't know if the mechanism uses the DSA protocol.

JohnW 14th January 2011 07:27 PM

Hi Contax,

Yes, it’s a design issue internal to the Philips 8051 - they can under certain conditions wipe there own internal Memory!!! really useful! So most likely its memory’s been overwritten.

To prevent overwrite; the modification was to replace the series termination resistor inline with the MCU clock input with a 0805 100pF capacitor (or might have been 0603).

If you send me your front panel, I can reprogram it – or do you have an 8051 programmer – I could send you the hex file…


contax 14th January 2011 09:00 PM

Internnal Memory
I am interested in the Hex File. I think the display board is ready for ISP (In-System Programming). I could try to reprogram the P89C51RB2 with a MAX232 Board.
Is the original file for the IAG Audiolab 8000CDE?.

contax 14th January 2011 09:33 PM

Confirmed. The CDE/CD display board, has an ISP header. These are the pins:


The mechasnism is the VAM2202 and the servo board uses the DSA protocol.

JohnW 14th January 2011 09:51 PM

Hi Contax,

VAM2202 is the early mech - before the update to the Sony KS313 OPU - I only have the later software to hand - I'll try and dig up ealier software to work with the VAM Mech (If it still even works - most failed long ago). Pls. give me some time.

contax 14th January 2011 10:39 PM

Hello JohnW,

Thanks for your help.

Djazz1971 9th February 2011 06:56 AM

help, need firmware Audiolab 8000CDE on display at the top of the squares of all.

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