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Andrewbee 19th October 2005 02:03 PM

Charlize, my thoughts
I got my Charlize (air core inductors) and Monica about 2 weeks ago and have just got around to trying Charlize last night.
I built a quick Corian and Aluminium chassis for temporary use. I am using a Nad cd player and Jerico horns with Fe208 Sigma’s and a homemade FVP5 pre.
Charlize is battery powered. a 12V (12.7V) 9AH unit from a UPS, no caps or anything else.
Thoughts after only ~1 hour.
The first 20 minutes were harsh but it suddenly cleared up and seems to have progressively improved for the short time it was on. While I did not compare to anything else last night I was impressed, clear and lucid, a bit forward sounding (but I like that) plenty bass (maybe too much) great separation and as others have said it almost makes a piano sound like a piano, great decay. Not at all strident like many a SS amp, more smooth.
I keep looking at this little board and listening to it and am bewildered, my prejudice is showing, its too small and cheap to sound like this!
When I consider that this amplifier costs about the same as a decent power transformer for a tube amp and its already built .....
Not all is well though, there is that turn on thump, very frightening seeing my drivers extending like that, I know that there is a fix for that but think it should have been incorporated into the design. I tried the separate switch for the mute but it made no difference.I am picking up a touch of R.F. but only in the left channel and it is very, very slight, I thought it may be because of my chassis but since its only the Left channel I doubt it but will know for sure when the permanent case is built. I only noticed it because I was listening to see how much noise if any the amp produced with my ears against the speakers, the noise is minimal and my speakers are very efficient so I consider the noise to be a non issue. I was also wondering is perhaps there may be a bit a bass lift in the ~ 50 -80 Hz range, maybe to help smaller speakers?
I am certainly looking forward to hearing this after a few hundred hours to see if I still enjoy it as much, or more.
I am presently trying to work out the conversion of a PC power supply to power it as Nuuk feels the SMPS is even better than a battery.
Hey Yeo! Nice job, Charlize should keep you and your partners busy, I may hit you up for another one, want to buy a tube amp or two?


bachiano 19th October 2005 03:31 PM

what tube amps do you have?
Are you selling them - really ;-)
give me a call

Nuuk 19th October 2005 05:24 PM

Welcome to the Charlize fan club Andrew! Do try the 'series resistor' trick for reducing that turn-on thump to something insignificant. And if you use a rotary switch, it is very convenient!

I'm sitting here listening to Mal Wlaldron through Charlize and it may as well be a real piano at the other end of the room! :att'n:

BTW - what is a 'homemade FVP5 pre'? :xeye:

Nuuk 19th October 2005 06:14 PM


BTW - what is a 'homemade FVP5 pre'?
I take it you mean this ! ;)

Andrewbee 19th October 2005 06:52 PM

Give that man a prize!
Yes, thats the animal and a fine one indeed.


dsavitsk 19th October 2005 07:35 PM

I have an AMP1-B from 41Hz, and if this is to be believed, it must be far far worse than a Charlize. Either that, or my tube amps are way better than yours. For me there is no comparison and the tube amps are so much better than the class-t that it is hardly worth comparing.

bachiano 19th October 2005 10:40 PM

Charlize may not be a SE 45 but this technology has the potential of getting there.
just a hopeful opinion.

And it's only 90 bucks.

I've never liked solid state until now.

I think a merging of t-class & tube will be fun.


kanaddict 19th October 2005 11:46 PM

Re: Charlize may not be a SE 45 but this technology has the potential of getting there.

Originally posted by bachiano
Charlize may not be a SE 45
you should read this one :



bachiano 20th October 2005 12:40 AM

thanks for the links Daniel
2 Attachment(s)
I agree 100% with your impressions of Charlize.
She is a little magic amp. Hard to believe she can do what she does.
Specially when you see how tiny she is.

Check my post


Andrewbee 20th October 2005 02:36 AM

Okay I’m back,
I had to go into work today although officially the island was locked down due to Hurricane Wilma.
Firstly, my remarks about asking Yeo if he wanted some tubes amps was “tongue in cheek” , how could I really make a decision like that in about an hour, …an hour and a half perhaps ;-)
I am not saying that the tube amps are or better or worse, many things are just different, I was just trying a little humor but if I say in a couple weeks that I prefer Charlize then so be it. My point is that Charlize is one sweet girl, the amp that is, the other Charlize is sweet as well but I have not yet heard her sing.

Dsavitsk, I cannot compare the 41Hz product against anything as I have never heard it and your tube amps may indeed be way better than mine, I have never heard them either. You posted a picture of what appears to be a DHT amp, looks to be a SE design (unless its some twin tube I have never seen before :-). I have been down that road many times with RC coupling and IT coupling, shunt and series feed, etc, and to be honest they are okay but I much prefer a SE Pentode in Pentode mode or better yet in “RH” mode especially an 807. I find DHT’s a bit boring so going by what I typed earlier as to what I like you might get an idea of my kind of sound, that’s if you have ever heard something like I described, many have not and go the way of most others with the SE DHT’s. I also have PP 2A3’s, 300B’s and EL34’s, KT88’s an inverted 3875 Gainclone
An AKSA 55W and a few more amps. Also a SE OTL by Transcendent Sound which is killer. I have even more speakers than amps and change equipment around every few months usually or when I want to hear a particular setup.
I have no problem that you prefer your tube amps to the 41HZ amps, only you know what you prefer and many people do enjoy the DHT sound, I still do but have found something that I prefer. BTW, does the 41HZ product have the turn on thump?
Also, the filter board in the picture of the t-amp, is it two separate channels? I see what appears to be 8 diodes in the front and lots of caps so it looks to me to be separated but with a single toroid. One more thing, the amp itself, I see what looks to be 4 large caps, 2 elco’s and 2 film types, are those the stock caps and do they come like that or is it some change you made to the board?
When I get some more time, and have put more time on Charlize (the amp that is, my wife may read this!) I will do some more listening. As it is now my favorite amp is my OTL seconded by my “RH mode” SE 807. The Charlize is not listed because its much too soon to say how it will rate against those that I know, but out the gate I am very impressed not only with the great sound but with the fact that you need not spend lots of time and money to get that great sound.

I got a PC power supply today, SMPS of course, an older AT style145W unit out of an older Compaq and have done the necessaries to it, tested it, and have it ready to join Charlize but that will have to wait for the weekend. Then it will be a chassis and the rotary switch with resistor fix, the new speakers, the lawn needs mowing, the hedge trimming, if it would just stop raining long enough I could at least start on the chassis …


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