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BrianGT 28th September 2004 01:17 PM

new website - LM4780 kit and more

I finally got around to getting the new website completed, with a tremendous amount of help from Vikash:

I have changed the kit structure around. With the ceasing of production for the Blackgate capacitors, I have decided to stop offering premium kits. It has become quite a hassle to keep stock of the other exotic components as well. There is always the option of buying the kit and upgrading the components on your own. Here are products that I will be offering from now on:
  • LM4780 Dual Mono Kit $55.00
  • LM4780 PCB set $20.00
  • LM3875 Dual Mono Kit $45.00
  • LM3875 Stereo Kit $40.00
  • LM3875 PCB Set $15
The LM4780 kits and boards will be shipping in mid/late october. Two prototypes have been built for the design, so I do not expect to have any problems with the first batch of boards. The boards are currently 80% finished at the board house and should ship to me soon.

The LM3875 kits are the same as the previous basic kits, with the addition of the zobel network components. Also, instead of offering monoblock upgrades, I have changed the structure to just offering 2 different types of LM3875 kits. There is a $5 increase in the pricing for the LM3875 kits, which is partially for the zobel network components.

There are more details for the kits on

Twice a month, I will be featuring an amp from my gallery:
and the owner of the amp that I choose will receive a free pcb set (your choice: LM4780 or LM3875), so continue to mail in your pictures to:

The orders will still be handled in the same method as previously:
US and International orders will be split up. For the US orders, I will be putting the kits together and shipping them out. For the Canadian/International orders, I will ship all of the parts for the orders to Peter Daniel, in Canada, and he will be shipping them out. This will create a lower shipping cost for Canadian residents, and make the orders more manageable for me. This setup has caused some delays in the past, due to the long shipping delays to canada, but I will try my best to lessen these delays through better shipping methods and sending additional parts for anticipated orders.


Philo 28th September 2004 02:15 PM

Nice Site
Very professional looking site Brian and Vikash. I am looking forward to a lot of good things coming from your's and Peter's collaboration. Thanks for sharing your hard work and making our hobby more fun with less hassle. Pretty soon I'll get around to thinking for myself about these amp projects, but for now I am having to much fun putting your designs together and doing my own little tweeks.

tschrama 28th September 2004 02:59 PM

Thanks Brain, looking good!

I think there's a problem with the 11$ shipping cost, it only cost me 6$ no matter what button I use...

BrianGT 28th September 2004 03:22 PM


Originally posted by tschrama
Thanks Brain, looking good!

I think there's a problem with the 11$ shipping cost, it only cost me 6$ no matter what button I use...

I fixed it. Thanks for alerting me to the problem.


jajabin 28th September 2004 04:09 PM

Hi Brain,

Are you going to provide a bridge board with the 4780 kit in future?


troystg 28th September 2004 04:24 PM

Hey Brian-

Outstanding site and organization of a project!

Thanks again,


BrianGT 28th September 2004 04:29 PM


Originally posted by jajabin
Hi Brain,

Are you going to provide a bridge board with the 4780 kit in future?



This is a future project on my list. Once the boards arrive, I will work with Peter to prototype a design for the bridging board. I decided that it would be better to work out a quality design, instead of throwing a quick one together to include with the pcbs.


beatrix_choice 28th September 2004 08:20 PM

Hi BrianGT,
the bridge board Wing is talking about is an additional board to "couple" two mono LM4780 chip amp to make a more powerful mono amp, right?

Since I would like to drive a DIY sub, I'm interested in power.

1) how many mono amp could you bridge, 2, 4?
2) is there a "quick" way to wire-bridge two mono boards/amp?
3) how many Watt could I expect from a 2 or 4 bridged board/amp?

Thank you for your time, as you can argue I'm a complete newbie, but ready and willing...


peranders 28th September 2004 09:33 PM

Congratulations for your new web site. It looks real nice. :nod: My homepage would also need a graphical update but I haven't got the time or skills for it. 1923 pages is a bit much.

Don't forget to move your webring code or add this new site also. Do this and I will earn a couple of cents! You get money from the webring if you manage to get new unique webring members. Why? Don't know really.

Illusus 28th September 2004 09:58 PM

Love it. Nice layout. Pretty graphic at the top. Good luck with it!

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