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These companies have supported diyAudio and we highly recommend that you reward their support of this site with your business. Thank you!


MyAudioPlanet.com https://www.myaudioplanet.com Articles, guides, reviews and resources related to audio products and services
Erhard Audio https://www.erhard-audio.com Custom Handcrafted Tube gear for the discerning audio enthusiast. We build classic as well as tone control preamps, phono preamps, tape head preamp, stereo amps, mono blocks, head phone amp and more
TheTubeStore.com https://www.thetubestore.com Audio tubes for any amplifier: from high end home audio to classic guitar amps
Acoustic Fun https://www.acoustic-fun.com With products ranges from DACs, headphone amp/pre-amp, balanced isolation transformer, power cables, interconnects, high grade silver and copper electrical components. 
Amplified Parts https://www.amplifiedparts.com Tubes, Speakers, Amp Parts, Guitar Parts, Books, Tools Accessories
Anedio https://www.anedio.com Stereo Power Amplifier, DAC (Digital-to_Analog Converter)
Aspen Amplifiers https://www.aksaonline.com Soraya Power Amplifier, NAKSA70 Power Amplifier, Lifeforce 100, AKSA 100, GK-1, Paris MC Headamp, Vsonics
Burson Audio https://www.bursonaudio.com Audio Buffer 160 (RCA & XLR), Headphone Amplifier 160, Headphone Amp 160D (with DAC & Pre Amp), Integrated Amp 160, Pre-Amplifier 160, Power Amp / Booster 160
ChipAmp https://www.chipamp.com Home of the non-inverted LM chip amp kits. LM1875 Amplifier Kit, LM3886 Amplifier Kit, Chipamp Power Supply Kit
Design Build Listen https://www.designbuildlisten.com ezChassis for DIY Amps, Amplifier Kit sets, Sockets Handles Heatsinks, ezPower Chassis, Turntable Upgrades, Audio Upgrades & Tubes
diy HiFi Supply https://www.diyhifisupply.com Preamplifier Kits, Amplifier Kits, Audio Source Kits, Switches and Pots, Capacitors, Digital Sources, Resistors, Vacuum Tubes, Chassis Shop, Magnetics, Speaker Porducts, Cable and Connectors, Active Modules 'Technology Bites', Differential Technology, Sound Mechanics Vibration Tranceivers
MiniDSP https://www.minidsp.com MiniDSP Kits, I/O cards, miniDSP in a Box, Audio plug-ins, Accessories, USB Audio Streaming
East Electronics https://www.eastelectronics.gr Electronics service, Handmade Amplifiers, Audio Rentals, Construction, Audiovisual service, RF devices, Resales, Car Stereo, TV repairs
Elektor USA https://www.elektor.com/diyaudio Books, CD/DVD-ROMs, Kits & Modules, E-blocks, PCBs, Contollers, Magazines, Subscriptions, Elector Academy (Distance Learning Course), Tools for PCB Production
Feastrex https://www.diyaudio.com/forums/feastrex Fullrange Drivers from Feastrex, Naturflux drivers
Gedlee https://www.gedlee.com Geddes Loudspeakers, Books on Audio and Acoustics, SPEAK, Papers (Research)
JTD Audio https://www.jtdaudio.co.uk Amplifier Modules, Amplifier PSU Module, Soft Start & Anti-Hum Module, Loudspeaker Protection Module, Loudspeaker & Drive Units, Audio Accessories
Junilabs https://www.junilabs.com High End Audio Kits, Jundac Two (24bit NOS DAC), Digital Decoder Pro
Linear Audio https://www.linearaudio.net Tech Audio Resource, vehicle for publishing technical information, developments and the state of the art of audio from a technical perspective
Mark Fenlon Speakers https://www.diyaudio.com/forums/markaudio CSS Drivers (FR125SR, SDX7), MarkAudio Drivers (Alpair 7, Alpair 10, Alpair 12, CHP70)
Nuts Audio https://www.nutsaudio.com Audio Source, Power Supply, DAC, Pre Amp, Power Amp, Capacitor, Wires, Connectors, Chassis, Ics, Mini TA2024 Class T digital Amp
OscilloscopeApp https://www.oscilloscopeapp.com Oscilloscope for iOS is a powerful digital Oscilloscope & Signal Generator app
Parts Connexion https://partsconnexion.com Controls, Switches, DACT, Potentiometers, Damping Materials, Dexa Technologies DIY Products, Fuses, Heat Sinks, Braid, Tubing, Rope, Inductorrs, Isolation Devices, Knobs. Magazines, Books, Resistors, Semiconductors, SF Repair Parts, Tools, Terminal Strips, Boards, Transformers, Tube Coolers, Dampers, Tube Sockets, Vacuum Tubes, Wire & Cable, Digital -- ABBRES, Burson, DEXA, NewClassD
Pass Labs https://www.passlabs.com and https://www.passdiy.com The best amps and kits
The Loudspeaker Kit https://www.theloudspeakerkit.com DIY Speaker Cabinets
Twin Audio https://www.diyaudio.com/forums/twin-audio Manufacturer who produces audiophile tube amplifiers. We design specific tube amplifier circuits for custom-make and special order.
Wild Burro Audio https://www.wildburroaudio.com DIY full range speakers from Wild Burro Audio Labs
3 Kings Audio https://www.3kingsaudio.com Accessories, Amplifiers, DJ Equipment, Enclosures, Headphones, In-Dash Stereo, Installation, Marine, Mobile Video, Navigation, Speakers, Vehicle Security & Remote Start, Woofer Boxes, Woofers
IssueView.com https://www.issueview.com Helpdesk, Bug Tracking, and Knowledge Base software.
Cyenne Audio https://www.cyenne-audio.com Our products are affordable, are fun to use and sound fantastic! Check out our amplifiers and DAC's
Golden Voice Tubes https://www.gvtubes.com Research, development, production and sales of audio electronics vacuum tubes
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