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Sjef 19th September 2019 10:28 PM

I would like to know some prices too, or at least an indication before we start to lose interest.

Hydrogen Alex 19th September 2019 10:39 PM

Nov 2014 was first post launching the project.... 5 years anniversary soon!

Sjef 19th September 2019 11:09 PM

So, the project is dead then? Good to know, I'm going to look elsewhere, thanks.

bkdog 19th September 2019 11:37 PM

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I listen to my UP original every day. It is indeed awesome...

soundchaser 19th September 2019 11:57 PM

I have one too!

Originally Posted by bkdog (
I listen to my UP original every day. It is indeed awesome...

As do I; I have yet to use it as a crossover but it's an incredible unit. Dead quiet and a great pairing with the MODULUS 86. I am bi-amping some speakers (passive XO though).

The phono stage is amazing as is the Amanero interface.

bkdog 20th September 2019 12:01 AM

I use mine also as a xover, I'm not a big fan of AudioWeaver, but that's a minor point - it still beats writing DSP code!

deepboy 20th September 2019 01:20 PM

Preamp with built in phono stage + builtin 3 /4 way active crossover. Is this possible? Does it require a second unit to link to?


Sjef 20th September 2019 08:31 PM

So, some people actually have one of these units. But where did you get it, and at what price?
I can't seem to find any pricing on the analogprecision website nor any information on how to order one. I mailed them weeks ago with no response. So yes I was pretty serious about buying one but I'd like to know some pricing or at least an indication.

NATDBERG 20th September 2019 10:48 PM

The project is now into it's second version. That is what would be released next. The first version had a small release and that is what people already had bought..

Look at the Product Comparison Guide that was released a few posts back and at the price comparison at the bottom. The previous model of the Ultimate Preamp it says cost $2365

Hi-end DSP based multi-channel integrated Preamp/Crossover/DAC project

Sounds like you've only just jumped into this thread. If you read from the beginning, you'll get a better idea of it. I guess if you're going to loose interest then you'll not likely want its features and are just looking for things to spend money on.

Sjef 20th September 2019 11:29 PM

No I did not just jump to this thread, but it is allready four years old and 128 pages long. So sorry that I missed one or two messages. I'm not looking for something to spend money on. I'm seriously looking into a replacement for my DEQX preamp/crossover. I'm looking for a bit more flexibilty, the DEQX is a bit too much automated.

I'm looking for a true replacement, wich is a one box solution with remote control. I have been looking at minidsp but the only thing they offer that comes a bit close is the allready pretty old 2*10HD unit. The newer units don't do 8 channels or have only digital in/outputs. I allready have enough boxes in my system. I also looked at Najda, but they never responded to any of my emails so that option is out. I have tried Hypex dlcp but it sounds like crap compared to the DEQX.

I also looked at the pro world wich has various options but none of them come with a remote control and are not very flexibel on inputs

So yes, I'm seriously looking for a good preamp/crossover, and no I don't read all 1289 post in one thread. I have read enough of them to see it is a very nice option but it takes sooo long before any hint of a price comes along, just any hint so I can consider it, or not. I'm not poor but I don't have an unlimited budget either. I know the old unit was around 2500 but it looks like that one is not available anymore, or at least I can't find it anywhere on their website. So all I want to know for now is how much more expensive the new version is going to be. Are we talking about 3000? 3500? Just any hint on the new price please, that's all for now.

My comment on loosing interest and confidence comes from the fact that I did not get any response on my email with the same question, an indication of the price.

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