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yoke 5th January 2018 11:17 AM

Thanks will take a look at manual

Yes, I need low pass filter and I used to use LR on other DSP that I have had...just cut it on one side...It's little diferent but will learn ;)

And there is Butterworths, but I could not find LR...will try with it

yoke 7th January 2018 06:33 PM

I'm not audiophile
I don't have any fancy cables (kimber PBJ as inteconnectors and kimber 8PR for mids and twetters, some red/black wire on bass...printer cable on USB)
I don't listen to ''audiophile'' music
my source is rPi
my favarite artist are AphexTwin, Squarepusher etc
i like radiohead, massive attack, portsihead...

and after couple day of playing with it I have to say that this DSP is great unit

as I have active system, full diy, I was afraid of some bump when shutting down or on power up
but have no fear, no meter what order I turn it on or off, it's dead silent ;)

sound is great
today I play Nirvana - MTV Unplagged and have the filing that Cobain is in my living room ;)

I know that I'm not the right person to give some real review of it, as I have problem s with room, don't have expensive cables, don't listen to audiophile tipe of music
but this unit is big step up from Behringer DCX2496, Najda with TAD1541A DACs at the output or miniDSP 10X10HD which is a toy compered to this...
I know that it's in different price range but...I think it's worth every penny

and I'm using it in ''simple'' configuration as you can see from above

I realy like it :D
and I'm still learning how to use it :D
nice work David !

soundchaser 7th January 2018 10:31 PM

How did you resolve your problem in post 989?

Glad that you like it and thanks for comparisons to Najda and Mini-DSP/Behrnger.


Tranquility Bass 8th January 2018 12:47 AM


Originally Posted by yoke (
sorry to bug again
but this layout doesn't work for 2.5way

it report error as one output of the upper block is not connected.
Is there any other block on which I can change upper cut off frequency and slope from LR2 to 4th order for bass unit ?
so that graph would look like on second picture

I think you need to place a NULL sink on the unused output. In the component pane do a search for NULL and it should show up.


yoke 9th January 2018 06:18 AM


Originally Posted by soundchaser001 (
How did you resolve your problem in post 989?

Glad that you like it and thanks for comparisons to Najda and Mini-DSP/Behrnger.


I have used Butterworths, but only one block (as you suggest)...didn't go for cascade to get LR...(for 2.5)...just to see how it will sound

Or 3way with 4th order on bass.

I cut bass cabinet very low, at 95-140Hz ...I'm still playing around :D
will try what David suggest in a post above :)

Luca72c 10th January 2018 10:13 AM

i tried to read as much as i could in the thread, but it's VERY VERY much! Sorry, i'm lost...
What i want to know is: what should i do to order? What are the selling options? And prices?

Per 10th January 2018 12:13 PM


Luca72c 10th January 2018 12:17 PM

Thank you! :D

LeRouge 14th January 2018 12:46 AM

I possibly missed this along this thread, but some measurements have been taken? (distorsions, THD+N vs frequency, noise floor, balanced frequency response (in path-through mode), etc ?)

ROBERTOO 14th January 2018 11:03 AM

When will I be able to buy the fully assembled and tested ultimate preamplifier

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