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pinkmouse 8th September 2006 05:13 PM

I built one with the MAX038 chip on perfboard, very straightforward.

anatech 8th September 2006 05:38 PM

Hi Al,
That is a second sourced 8038, isn't it? I agree they go together easily.


Ahmad_tbp wanted to build a stand alone for a friend I think as well.

and already have a very usefull tone generator software with all i need , as i said ,one friends of mine saw this software and ask me if i can build a circuit , doin like this software , so i wanna build him one ! lol
From post #6. It appears also that Ahmad_tbp already does this, I guess??


chrispenycate 8th September 2006 06:14 PM

I dislike that circuit. Not only is it a lousy triangle to sine converter, it's single rail with no blocking capacitors, which means all the waveforms will have a massive DC offset. Even with a battery, it would be so easy to avoid this.
A comparator (ordinary op amp with no feedback) between the triangle output and a voltage set by a pot would give a variable mark space ratio pulse, and you could probably get sawteeth out of it with a little effort, but all 0 to+ve voltage, no 1volt.
Oh, I do have all the circuits on hand, if ever, but no ready-made PCB; I'd have to build one on veroboard (and probably add a pink noise source for luck)

moamps 8th September 2006 08:41 PM


Originally posted by anatech
That is a second sourced 8038, isn't it? I agree they go together easily.
IC MAX038 is, IMO, completely different from 8038. IC MAX038 is a relatively new function-generator chip which can generate frequencies up to 20MHz.


pinkmouse 8th September 2006 08:53 PM

Yes, it's a very nice stable source. I really must get around to rebuilding the output buffer that has a slight ring on square waves, but it's just too useful to take apart! :)

Ahmad_tbp 8th September 2006 08:58 PM

hi all , thx for replies
i ll never find a XR2206 here ! lol :P
and if i wanna be honest , i couldn t understand anything of ur posts :P ,
as i said i m so virgin in tone generator , and lookin for a simple circuit of sinewave generator a pulse function :( .... any idea ? any link ? :(

anatech 8th September 2006 09:02 PM

Thank you,
I must try one of these things. I was lead to believe they were another 8038 device.

Now I'll grab the datasheet.


anatech 8th September 2006 09:06 PM

Hi Ahmad_tbp,
I left you some google search pages a few posts back, some that linked to the data sheet on each device.

Here is a similar link to the MAX038 and the data sheet is here .
After this is no longer available, one might ask, Where have all the cool chips gone?


moamps 8th September 2006 09:08 PM


Originally posted by pinkmouse
...I really must get around to rebuilding the output buffer...
If I remember correctly, there was a project with MAX038 published a while back in a German magazine, ELV I think. The output (disrete) buffer used in the project was quite something and if you're interested I may be able to dig it up for you.


You can order sample IC MAX038 on the manufacturer's site (Maxim). There you can also find application notes and other useful info about the chip.


EDIT: Ooops, last time I visited the site it was still alive.

anatech 8th September 2006 09:11 PM

Hi Milan,
That chip is no longer recommended for new design. There may not be any samples available. Too bad, because I was about to order one. I hope Digikey or Newark still have a few.


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