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rklosinski 31st January 2007 10:09 PM

New issue Mullard Tubes
Sorry if this has been asked, a search turned up too many references to "Mullard".

I notice 'new issue' Mullard tubes being built in the Russia. Are these OK, or should I get a NOS or used real Mullards?



SY 31st January 2007 10:12 PM

The resemblance between these and NOS Mullards is the name and logo. That's not to say they're good or bad, it's just that the name is meaningless, analogous to bands like The Glenn Miller Orchestra.

Tubelab_com 1st February 2007 12:11 AM

The "reissue" Mullards and TungSol's are made in the same factory as Sovtek, Electro Harmonix, and Svetlanas sold in the USA. I got a big box of assorted "pre auditioned" Russian tubes last November. There were a pair of TungSol KT88's and a pair of Sovtek KT88's. These tubes look, sound, and test the same. I also got some (about 10) Electro Harmonix KT88's and 2 Electro Harmonix 6550's. These two tubes are identical, but different from the Sovtek and TungSol KT88's.

All of these tubes sound pretty good in my SimpleSE amps, but I prefer the EH tubes because they can handle about 10 more watts of dissipation than the Sovtek and TungSol tubes.

rklosinski 1st February 2007 12:31 AM

Is it worth buying used MUllards if the plate current is good?

SY 1st February 2007 12:34 AM

It depends on the circuit you're putting it into, transconductance, noise, and microphonics. If they're priced like collectors' items, pass- there's plenty of perfectly good tubes out there at reasonable prices if you want good sound more than an overpriced geek status symbol.

rklosinski 1st February 2007 12:54 AM

on ebay, you can usually get 4 match for about $25 each. This does not seem too unreasonable.

SY 1st February 2007 01:02 AM

For which tube?

rklosinski 1st February 2007 01:08 AM

real mullard el34

SY 1st February 2007 01:24 AM

Mmmm, I'd probably pass on used power tubes.

Edit: I'd also be very suspicious of the price, whether you'll get "real" Mullards or not and what "real" means. A good, used, British-made Mullard EL34 from the 1960s goes for considerably more than that from most reputable vendors.

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