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Jaap 6th January 2003 07:07 PM

triode => I.T. =>el84 good idea ?
Dear tubenuts,

I have tried a transformer-coupled tube-amp with DHT tubes like 6B4G and 2A3 and I just finished a parallel 6sl7 => Lundahl LL1660 => KT88 se amp which I like very much.
One of my intended projects is 6C45 => I.T. => VAIC 320B.

As a warming up I think of building a 6c45 => LL1660 => parallel EL84 amp. Just for curiosity because I have never seen such a design.

Did anyone ever tried this (perhaps with different driver: 2C51 or 5842 or E810F could also be candidates) ?
Or is this not a good idea at all ?



fdegrove 6th January 2003 09:31 PM

SE EL84/6BQ5

Why not give it go Jaap?


dhaen 6th January 2003 09:33 PM

It's certainly a very unusual idea.
How will you arrange feedback?

fdegrove 6th January 2003 09:40 PM



How will you arrange feedback?
You don't.:D


dhaen 6th January 2003 09:41 PM

No feedback at all then?;)

fdegrove 6th January 2003 09:51 PM


No global anyway but in Holland.

Maybe positive too.:D


dhaen 6th January 2003 10:56 PM

Going Dutch

Maybe positive too.
You mean as in mixed?;)

fdegrove 6th January 2003 11:38 PM



You mean as in mixed?
As in mixed marriage?

Seriously though,I have no idea about the distortion plot for a set of EL84s would look here.

Moreover,I wonder what added value the IS would bring here other than lowering Zo.

So I would rather ommit the IS and drive the EL84s with a ECC99 or 6H30 in SRPP style.


Jaap 7th January 2003 04:56 PM

el84pse with IT
Thanks for the suggestions.

The only reason for the IT is that i have a pair, and that i do not like capacitors at all. Other reason is that in my limited experience with IT's i liked the results. No scientific proof claims of course, but I suppose that if you have a quality transformer (and use it in the right way) you are always better off than with any capacitor (Phase shift problems). I have the impression that transformers give better detail and resolution.
Could be wrong of course:confused:
Just my prejudice:rolleyes:


Carl Ekblom 7th January 2003 08:30 PM

I had some problems with 6C45 and LL1660. There was some peaking at 16kHz probably due to the output impedance of 6C45 beeing to low.

Loading the secondary with resistors helped but the overall impression was that the dynamics and transparency decreased.


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