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iggy888 21st October 2006 09:54 AM

Monacor SPH-165KEP + DT-25N DIY project
Hello. I found this project with Monacor drivers. Does anyone have experience with these drivers or has anyone made similar speakers? I read some good stuff about Monacor and it seem they are a good quality for money. The project would cost me around 300 euros so I would like to know would it be a good choice for a small room and some audiophile aspirations.

iggy888 22nd October 2006 09:31 PM


sreten 23rd October 2006 10:50 AM


The sensitivity is given as the same as the bass driver 89dB.
This usually means the designer has not consider baffle
step compensation and possibly other things as well.

So I couldn't recommend the design.


iggy888 23rd October 2006 03:53 PM

Does it mean I have a problem and how will I hear it? I'm a newbie in DIY so I'm not familiar with this "baffle step compensation".

iggy888 23rd October 2006 04:34 PM

OK, I learned something about BSC and I understand the concept. Can anyone tell me will it (BSC) be a problem in this situation and what should I do to eliminate it? Someone told me that the sensitivity for this speaker is more like 83-84 dB.

Loiti 24th October 2006 04:52 PM


I really recommend don't use the Monacor SPH-165KEP!

First of all

1) The Thiele/Small Paramters given on the Monacor Website are completely **** (sorry), they've made a big mistake. Look at SPH-165CP and tell me if you know the TSP from somewhere... Also you can see that the TSP given for the KEP can not be true, due to the Impedance-peak at the plot (fs=40Hz)!

2) The KEP has a very bad bass output, I know this because I use it in my "diplomarbeit" (Maybe due to the false TSP)?

3) There is also a horrible dip at exactly 1kHz, which may be created by the phaseplug.

4) Distortion is not as good as mentioned. For that price, look for some Seas or Co.


sreten 25th October 2006 11:00 AM



for example.


iggy888 25th October 2006 04:56 PM

Maybe this link will help: Some say go for it, some say choose something else. I'm gonna make this design and we'll see what will come up. I just wanted to know what to expect. I'm just worried that the designer put the Fc at 3,5 KHz and I don't know will it be good, is it correct and how can I change it.

sreten 26th October 2006 07:59 PM


Why build something your not sure about ?


yoke 26th October 2006 08:16 PM

I would take sreten advice
you can buy seas vifa and scan speak trough croatian dealers...( I belive...i have order and buy some scan speak's )

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