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max29 21st September 2006 08:48 PM

filter of dynaudio audience 52
Seems rather low quality components in this filter so anyone has some experience it an upgrading it.

adamt 22nd September 2006 02:23 AM

Try changing the capacitors
I have my own home brew Dynaudio's and have recently built the crossover network from one of the old Dynaudio kits (Nuance). They have very similar drivers to your 52. I found the following:
1. Solen caps are a little bit bright in my experience. I know Dynaudio use them in their commercial speakers but they are not the best solution. Try an 'auricap' or 'hovland'. Apparently these meld well with Dyn tweeters.
2. The main caps to look at are the series caps. Particularly, the one going to the tweeter. I bypassed my 8.2 mF solen with an 'auricap' of 0.01mF, and the difference is amazing. Smoother, more soundstage and presence.
3. I found silver hook up wire better for bass production and overall clarity than copper
4. You can try different inductors. Higher values 1.8, 2.2 produce more bass, but cloud the midrange. Lower values 1.1,0.9 open up the midrange a little, but can make the sounds a little bright. If you have them on hand, it doesn't hurt to try. The difference between a 1.8 and 1.1 on the driver is quite staggering, without mucking up the crossover too much.
5. Series resistors can be reduced to give more brightness, or increased to tame the drivers. Care if changing the l-pad resistors as this will change the padding of the tweeter.
6. IN GENERAL, the higher priced components you use, the more smoothness and clarity you get.

I hope this helps and good luck. Ad

max29 22nd September 2006 07:07 AM

Ad... thanks
What about a expensive Mundorf oil cap in there
Think it is worth it, seeing the rest of the components, and which one//place to solder it then. Tried one of these or lookalike

kwng11 22nd September 2006 01:32 PM

remind u not to mixed solen and M-cap supreme silver in the same current, especially parallel or cseries in the same tweeter parts, sound will be too slow and not bright enough, maybe a result of phase shifting

but mixing M-cap supreme with other M-cap is ok fine!

max29 24th September 2006 09:50 AM

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Pics of what dynaudio has put in there it was just over 7$ total. They just take 1/100 of speakervalue to spend on a filter.Funny guys. Downgrading your own speakers with 100%.

max29 24th September 2006 09:58 AM

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meaning if i bypass a new (no bennics never again ) 15 uF with a 0,1 uF or 0. 47 oilcap or other options...

The blue siemens is replaced and bypassed wit a 0.01 hovland

Which resistors would do best .

kwng11 24th September 2006 11:25 AM

sorry, bypassing very small value of oil or silver/oil cap should be fine, sure when the value of a bypass is comparatively very very small.

but i tried to combine a value of 1 uf solen and 1 uf M cap silver (also certain kind of combination), the sound is very very dull but someone may regard this as a kind of special taste. And that's what i want to tell u.

I heard from one speakers and parts' shop, he said that metal oxide resistor should be ok, or even use a pair of double value resistor in parallel to serve the part, should be better

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