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gmilitano 10th May 2006 02:52 AM

Chip Amp Photo Gallery
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A lot of the other forums have a permanent photo gallery for projects, so why not the Chip Amp forum?

I will kick this off with my newly finished Chip Amp and let the moderators decide if this should be a permanent thread or not.

This is an LM3886 based Chip Amp using PCBs from

The tranny is a Piltron 160VA 22V transformer with 15000uF caps and snubbers.

For a more laid back sound, I went with Carbon Film resistors.

The results really surprised me. The Chip Amp sounds better than I expected and better than it should considering the cost.

gmilitano 10th May 2006 02:57 AM

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This is a picture of the back side.

For more information and pictures, visit my website.

Thank you to the diyAudio community for providing me information to build this project, and to Carlosfm for the PSU design, and BrianGT for the PCB design.


DcibeL 10th May 2006 04:07 AM

Some pictures of my amp and preamp are available here.

The preamp is the Kookaburra from Twisted Pair Audio. Uses a 10VA transformer, and has 2 outputs wired in parallel. One for the main amp, and one for the subwoofer.

The amplifier is Mauro's RevC design and is the kit from Twisted Pair Audio. It uses a Plitron 400VA transformer, and uses all the parts that come in the kit from TPA, except the input coupling caps. Here I've used Solen 2.2uF 250V MKP caps. The AC outlet on the back is so I can plug my preamp directly into the power amp and only use one ac outlet on the wall.

DcibeL 10th May 2006 04:15 AM

I should add that that's a mighty fine looking amp you have there yourself, GG. Very industrial looking. Looks like it could use some ventilation holes though ;).

gmilitano 10th May 2006 04:51 AM

Is "industrial" the polite way of saying rough? :) I always struggle with the chassis.

I had thought about ventilation holes, but the heat sinks are much larger than required and they do not even get warm.

Your amp and preamp look much more "refined"! ;)

Where did you get the chassis?


DcibeL 10th May 2006 05:34 AM

I bought the chassis from the trading post on this very forum. I couldn't tell you where it's from originally, as it has no manufacturer's markings on it.

RDV 10th May 2006 05:13 PM

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I built this one from PCBs but bought my own components from Mouser. For the chassis I used an old Carver CD player that died. The quite large heatsinks came from eBay and I will probably pare them down to just one and use the other one in another amp. The tranny is a 22v + 22v 160VA from avel-lindberg. The LM3886 chips I bought direct from National.

It Rocks!


RDV 10th May 2006 05:15 PM

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Front view.

jacco vermeulen 10th May 2006 06:36 PM

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Here goes:

The front case holds the 250 VA toroid, diode pcb and caps on an aluminium subchassis.
The case in the back has the chip board and heatsink, also on an alloy subchassis.
BrianGT pcb set, connections between the 2 cases by Hirschmann Stas/Stak.
Monaural amp, WBT style terminals from the jrsun GB.
The wooden sidestrips hold the 2 cases together.
The cases are NOS from former porsche highway cop amplifier production(got about 20 of those cases and subchassis)
The wood is a leftover from the swimmingpool.
Stll need to buy a sh..load of rubber feet from ApexJr.

It sucks.

coredump 10th May 2006 08:00 PM

Peter Daniels premium kit, with 2.200uF Pana FCs per rail (bypassed with Siemens MKTs), and 220pF Silver Micas between signal + and -; Zobels consist of 0.1uF Wima MKP4 caps and 2.6R MF resistors. 350VA toroid, all solid core cables by Belden. Stepped attenuator from

Velleman kit seen in the pic is not used, the Silver Mica caps take care of the clicks'n'pops nicely.
I've been using it for half a year now without any 'fiddle attacks'. :-)

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