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Bakmeel 21st October 2002 04:18 PM

Hello everybody,

With my Aleph Ono project underway, I am investigating the best way to get my money here. I noticed most people here prefer payment using Paypal, and I would surely go for that option.

However, I like to be well informed when it comes about such a crucial thing as money transfer. I find the information that Paypal gives a bit brief and little explaining. Reading all horro stories on PayPal Warning , I find myself hestitating before signing up.

Is Paypal to be trusted? Will I get my money home (The Netherlands) without paying huge fees or using strange credit-card constructions?
How about this verification process that seems to be completed before I can make transfers?

How actually does Paypal WORK?? I want to receive a payment, what do I need to do to get it into my bank account?

Disturbed Regards


fdegrove 21st October 2002 08:43 PM

Hello neighbour,

Haven't heard anyone complaining so far.
And have used them a lot for trading PC spares.

Hard to answer questions like this though,hope your lucky.

Rgds from Belgium,


dice45 21st October 2002 11:13 PM


i was using PayPal so far. There was a German website telling about the site owners problems with PayPal. Sounded like a low-tone distress individual to me.

I checked the the link you posted, that is a different show. Sound not like low-tone whining to me, sounds like a serious warning. I checked the info quite thoroughly, i tried to locate PayPay phone numbers, i waded thru the heaps of complaints.

So far, i did not transfer money from my PayPal account to my bank account. No idea if this works. I always used PayPal to pay via credit card and i spent payments i received via Paypal so far.

I am handling the maxon motor and MKV group purchase. If PayPal pulls the rug like it seems to have done with so many others .. :confused:
Guess i am not going to find out the hard way and with $2000 on my PayPal account if the money is transferable to my private bank account. Guess i cannot afford to find out the hard way.

It is a good practice to vote with your feet if a bank-like structure shows even the faintest trace of fraudulent tendencies.

Hmmh, i observed that fellow moderator planet10 refuses PayPal payment for his eBay auctions.

any comments?

Ken L 21st October 2002 11:20 PM

I would be careful about Paypal
If you read very carefully the terms of the Paypal user agreements there are several things to make a thoughtful prudent person not use them.

I'm not sure of recent changes, etc.

I think I would look into it with a skeptical manner before using them.


Ken L

fdegrove 21st October 2002 11:26 PM

O dear,

Hmmm,no idea what was really going on lately.
I hope Western Union is still a viable alternative ?


Bill Fitzpatrick 21st October 2002 11:27 PM

I've used paypal for both buying and selling for well over a year now. Have transferred money from paypal to my bank as well. Haven't had a single problem.

But then, none of my transactions have ever been contested either by myself or the other party. That may make a difference.

cowanrg 21st October 2002 11:37 PM

ive used it for about 3 years now, with no problems. however, like Bill, i have yet to have anyone contest anything yet. my old roommate however did have problems. basically, CYA. if you ship ANYTHING, track it. if ANYTHING is shipped to you, have it tracked. as long as you use a tracking number, or some sort of receipt that items were sent/received, you should be fine. but NEVER use paypal and just send something by USPS without a trace, or just in an envelope... the other party can file a claim, and paypal will just bill you. but all in all, its pretty decent for what it is.

schizeckinosy 21st October 2002 11:57 PM

I used PayPal for several years with no problems. I got in before all of the credit card + bank account + etc. verification, and all was cool until I had a payment returned to me. It turns out that as of recently, paypal sends the payment with a note urging the recipient to REJECT the payment because the sender is not "verified" (this after dozens of successful transactions. Be aware that this note comes when the money is already safely in the recipients bank account.

I looked at the process to get verified, and found it intimidating and rather invasive. I have since stopped using them. Paypal was not helpful when I complained about the treatment, either. Their only response was to get verified or expect more of the same.

Good riddance, but unfortunately there are few options for online payments.


dice45 22nd October 2002 12:29 AM

still making up my mind on PayPal.

Alternatives can be found at

I checked out today; it is a German company and seems to work similar to PayPay but using int'l bank2bank money transfer (simply unaffordable outside with very reasonable fees. They do not act as a bank like paypal, they simply transfer the money from e.g account UK to account GER ot AUS or USA.

As i live in Germany, i guess i will give them a try, also for the group purchase. Allthemore as i am very pleased about the transparency displayed on this site.
As i understood it, anyone with an email adress and a bank account aywhere in the world can use it. Their website is avaiblable in English.

Bakmeel 22nd October 2002 12:50 AM

I second the option for Anypay. To me, it appears as a business that wants to be clear and serious.

Tomorrow I will go to my bank office and ask them if they know more about international money transfers, and if they are known with these intermediates.


PS: A few minutes ago I posted the full terms of agreement of Anypay in english here. That is not really interesting I guess. If you want to read them, use the altavista babelfish translator to translate the page.

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