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jmar 15th January 2005 05:20 PM

Wireless USB
I've been listening to my WAV files with XP & Media player, my USB port and a PCM2902 chip.

I've been thinking about moving the computer with all of the WAV files into a different room and doing a wireless connection...something I have zero experience with.

Often times, all I do is put Media player on "shuffle" and listen to my collection of music play at random.

I suppose I could go upstairs....turn on the computer and have it play like this so....
At bare minimum, could I simply get a wireless 802.11g system that has USB to feed the PCM2902 on the receiving end?

Do these wireless units act as a transceiver and then have to be configured to operate as an xmtr or rcvr?....or can I get some sort of simple xmtr/rcvr pair that would simply connect to the computer port on the xmtr end and the PCM2902 on the rcvr end?

I'm talking about playing what's on the computer without using another computer to access it.

UrSv 15th January 2005 06:00 PM

Sorry, I don't think is possible like you propose. The Wi-Fi stuff you're talking about are network cards and will act as such. You can't connect a USB soundcard to a USB network card. The soundcard will have to be connected to a computer to work and get it's data. To play your music by wireless you need to get something that does that like a multimedia player like:
Philips SL400i

At least if I understood you correctly...

jmar 16th January 2005 01:48 PM

What I'm wondering really is there a "wireless USB" device?

Rather than a USB cable, an xmtr on the host USB port and a rcvr on the PCM2902. (A USB DAC).

I have no experience with wireless at all and what is the current state of art.

DocLorren 16th January 2005 02:10 PM

Not yet, although it will be produced within a few years because an IEEE standard has already been formalized. Just be patient...,aid,118545,00.asp

MBK 16th January 2005 02:34 PM

Actually, I do remember having seen one device that would do just that. It was sort of a standalone soundcard with a wireless receiver. No USB involved, just a self contained receiver. Transmitter is the main PC the music is on.

Now, if I could recall what brand it was ... But it wasn't even expensive, more like an external USB sound card.


dnsey 16th January 2005 05:05 PM

For the purpose you describe, does it need to be so complex?
Just feed the output of your soundcard to an FM transmitter, which could be home-made (if local regulations allow) or one of the inexpensive radio mic sets now available.

Douchekop 16th January 2005 08:18 PM

I have found the perfect solution for this. Buy a networkrouter with a build in USB host controller and a WiFi transmitter that runs Linux. Now you can compile your own Linux version with USB audio support and connect the PCM2902 to the router. Stream the audio over Wifi to the router and enjoy the music!

These guys are working on solutions like this:

I explained my solution really bad, but Google can help you out.

apollyon25 17th January 2005 12:42 AM

Hi Jmar,

The FM solution is by far the easiest and short range module(both Tx Rx) pairs are relatively easy to find. All that they usually require is an antenna - assuming you are not trying to send it to the other end of the neighbourhood! If you are, then you'll need to make an amplifier for both, or find a higher Tx power transmitter.

However the USB device (PCM2902/2702 etc) negotiates bandwidth on the USB bus and this will not occur and the USB streaming audio will not occur if your port is not setup (as in via the device).

All this talk of writing Linux drivers sounds like way too much work! And to get the USB port to output audio data without the codec is a bit of an ask...

A better solution would be to use the headphone out and transmit the stereo signals (via FM) to a simple dual band FM receiver.

In short it gets very messy the second you throw codecs and operating systems in the mix.


peufeu 17th January 2005 03:57 PM

I think it'd be simpler with a fanless PC with a wifi card. Buy a fanless iMac mini, set the drive to go to sleep after one minute, or even net-boot it if you can, or find a fanless PC ?

jcx 17th January 2005 11:42 PM

i believe usb fm modulators exist now

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