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himanshuraval 27th December 2004 02:18 PM

need datasheet of SPHE8200 and SPHE6300
hello all
can any body send me datasheet of SPHE8200A and SPHE6300A
ic's they both are from "sunplus"

zeaboii 12th April 2006 09:12 AM

hello! i have the datasheet of sphe8200a. please tell me your email and i'll send it to you. by the way, have you found the one of sphe6300a? i also want it.

Megawatt Man 11th October 2006 06:12 AM

Interaction between the 8200A and Flash
Hello Gentlemen (and/or ladies), For some time I have been trying to learn about electronic matters, especially digital. I am a recently retired electric power engineer and keeping my mind alert is the game.
I have a couple of DVD players that feature the 8200A chip and have deciphered about as much as I can of the datasheet. (no I have not been able to find the 6300 datasheet on the net).
The datasheet shows that IEC 958 can be enabled by setting one of the bits in the Audio Interface and TV interface control, sft-cfg3[7] see page 34 of datasheet.
I reckon if that bit can be enabled (incidentally the datasheet says enabled by default, but for the DVD application I have, there is no need, so I reckon it's disabled - also, the external digital spdif info I try to feed in produces no result.) I can fit an input to the 8200 and feed in a digital audio stream from another box, HDTV, satelite etc. This would connect to pin 164, the IEC 958 input. Of course the clocks would need to be enabled as well, because the external data stream would also contain its own L/R, bit and oversampling clock info. They are set by another few bits in the same register - again see p34.
Now as I see it, the data needed by 8200 is stored in flash memory, in an on-board chip, MX29xxx, and checking out the connections, Q3 of the MX29 goes to R_D3, pin 49 on the 8200. I think that all I need to do is remove the flash, read and reprogram the register and I am away.
But here is the rub for me. I have not sufficient understanding, and I wonder if the 8200 writes back to the flash from settings in its own firmware and if this firmware turns off the requisite bits, would my efforts have been to no avail?
Why am I trying this approach? Well, I have built 6 very nice amps at 50W RMS per channel and purchased some great speakers and a sub. I thought (being a power man, not an electronics man) that I would be able to buy a kit to decode the IEC 958 stream. But alas, Mr Dolby has preferred to safeguard his IP from suffering any possible backlash should a kit manufacturer use components that fail and cause adverse reflections upon his excellent products. Fair enough. But, I don't want to spend thousands on a A/V box whose only purpose would be to provide the decoding for me. so I want to use a decoder that has been approved by Mr Dolby and that according to the data sheets may be pressed into such service as I need. Oh and it causes me to learn something new every day!
Can anyone advise me please?

Leolabs 11th October 2006 02:52 PM

Most important thing is the ability to understand the architecture of SPHE8200.If I am not mistaken,some boards do provide on board firmware reprogram.

You may want to try the MT1389(by MTK) chipset base DVD board too.

Take a trip to China based websites.You can find many useful information.

Megawatt Man 12th October 2006 08:31 AM

Thank you Leolabs. I will take your advice. I wonder though, if the DVD decoder has firmware on board, why bother with an EEPROM too. Just a power engineer's thought.

Megawatt Man 20th February 2007 10:32 PM

Hello all, the SPHE 6300 datasheet is now on line, search on SPHE6300+datasheet and you'll get it.

If you look through my post above you'll see that I am trying to convince the 8200 chip to decode an external IEC60958 stream and I have considered that I needed to turn on bit 7 in register 3 because the datasheet says that's what's needed to do that. But the same bit also turms on audio channels 3/2 as well as 1/0, the pcm bit clockand the pcm oversampling clock. So that bit really is on, so I am looking further.

My current field of enquiry is bits 0, 1 and 2 on register 3, labelled External ADC. Following the pcb tracks shows that these bits must be programmed 001 (in order 2,1,0) in order that output of the 6300 feeds in to the 8200. I am guessing that one of the settings 101 or 011 will allow an external input stream. Then, as you can see above, I have concerns about firmware in the 8200 resetting everything, if it can. Leolabs was kind enough to point me to chinese sites, but my language skills are just not up to it. I have found sites that tell me that the 8200 is firmware upgradeable, but cannot find any firmware. Nor can I find programming instructions, compiler info etc.

I suppose other persons on this site are trying to do the same?

Leolabs 23rd February 2007 12:51 AM

Hi guys.Send me email addresses of yours.I got an example application circuits of SPHE6300+8200.

sxavier 21st May 2008 07:15 PM

hello zeaboii
Please, can you send me datasheet of SPHE8200A

buschfunker 21st September 2008 01:16 AM

Hey guys,

does someone have further information about programming the SPHE8200?

The 'normal' datasheet describes some of the registers, but the audio DSP section is very interesting and the datasheet doesn't tell a lot about how to transfer data to/from it, how to configure,...

Best regards,

Worfvx 7th August 2010 04:32 PM

Sphe8202 sphe8100
Hello, i have only datasheet for SPHE8200. I want datasheets for SPHE8202 SPHE8100. I also need know, which 32-bit RISC CPU is used in this SoC chips. I need know speed on this RISC CPU. Do you can help me anybody, pls?

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