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Elso Kwak 15th October 2004 07:47 AM

KISS the Ultimate Amplifier
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KISS stands for Keep It Simple Son(y).
This amp has a 2k5 Watt power transformer having 1 % regulation. Yeah, you read that right son, 2,500 watt or 2.500 Watt for your European guys. This is adequate power, even for the Khorn. Most trannies have poor 8-10 % regulation and hum like hell. Our transformer has 1% regulation, is dead quiet and has a special dual bobbin construction, square cross section wire and bifilar construction laying the centre-tap at the exact midpoint and keeping the hash OUT. After trying dozens of transformer houses that came up with lousy specs and poor workmanship we finally found our house manufacture Amecon. Regarding the Plitron TX, it was a piece of crap. They ran the flux density too high, the TX buzzed like crazy, and the regulation was terrible.
The 1% regulation makes any electronic power supply regulation totally superfluous. In addition we have a powerful PI-filter with a custom made torroidal ferrite core choke, see picture, with the windings evenly widely spaced giving very low inter-winding capacity keeping the hash further OUT. The PI-filter gives a ten-fold reduction in ripple voltage.
The bridge rectifier is a 60A type of the ultra-soft recovery variety.

Construction. The case of our amp is made of steel metal giving strength to the construction supporting the heavy transformer. Our amp easily passes 2-meter drop test on concrete as required by United Parcel Destroyers and played like new after the test. Only the concrete tile was damaged after the test. Steel has many desirable properties over aluminium as it also provides shielding against electro-magnetic fields in this world full of mobile phones, garage door openers, car ignition, pagers, computers, wireless keyboards and mousses, and every 100km a powerful FM-transmitter. My brain temperature is rising under this bombardment.

The circuit is extremely simple with FET’s at the input making the circuit totally direct (DC) coupled from input to output and from output to input (more on this later). This makes any coupling cap superfluous and also makes discussing the type of cap unnecessary. Whether it is a honebey wax cap or other. BTW Peter you can dip those nude Texas resistors in hot honeybee wax and burn them in in your DAC or gainclone.
We use the U440 dual JFETs. What, no that’s NOT an U-boat IDIOT. The U440 have an unique dual construction, as these are NOT a dual monolithic, but tightly matched dual chip construction FETs, so any substrate modulation is totally absent. In comparison the 2SK389 FETs used in the Halo amps look as obsolete as the 12AX7 vacuum tube……. But this is not all. In order to get rid of the Miller effect these U440 FETs are cascoded. We want Mr. Miller OUT of the circuit, go fly like an eagle!. The speed and slewrate of this input stage makes any PIM, FIM or TIM discussion meaningless. The folded cascode stage is nothing special but the loading current-mirror is comprised of five transistors. Two of these are MAT02 that are far better than those plastic SSM2210 thingies. The output stage is made of a triple follower and special perforated emitter high speed TO-3 STEEL case transistors also used in the latest Krill space heater. Well Don d’Agostino has long lost his touch a looong time ago with al those parallel input transistors and the KSA50 was a class A copy of Bongoman’s Son of Ampzilla. Word on the street is that Krill demanded from On, the company that is always on target, to withdraw them from the regular program and manufacture these exclusively for Krill in Mexico with the number 484 replacing MJ32 in the type designation. These remarkable transistors have a 250 Watt power rating each.
As a side note Sanken made the biggest blunder in history by eliminating the TO-3 and TO-66 metal can packages from their line. They compounded this stupidity by making the parts available with the wide plastic 2-screw package, which takes up an enormous amount of room laterally. Consequently, they lost the entire audio industry business. How moronic can a company get?

Our amp is using special 10Watt emitter resistors comprised of ten individual 1% metal film 1-Watt resistors in parallel. These are far better sonically than those gold plated Dale corrugated 10 Watt models.
Needless to say the circuit is totally discrete, NO IC’ s. Also NO DC-servo loop, as the circuit is DC stable.
Our technician uses Tin/Copper/Silver solder with water-soluble flux that is environmental friendly. Should the amplifier eventually end at the scrap yard, an event I hope not to witness and what is unlikely too at my age of 57.5. This also keeps our technician free from lead poisoning a phenomenon highly neglected in the industry. Our technician also is allowed three six-week vacations a year to load up his batteries. As there is no PCB we use VIRGIN Teflon ® standoffs where necessary. So there are NO SMD resistors anywhere, can you imagine that Per-Anders?
Protection circuit: There is NO protection circuit as this interferes with the purity of the music signal. There are no fuses as a fuse is in fact a highly un-linear resistor that fails under high current. We have experimented with silver and gold coated “audiophile” fuses but these were even worse.
There is NO PCB so there are no detrimental effects of FR4 material or polycyanate ester. Consequently there are NO Gerber files to steal or hack from my computer. Till this date I had 8653 blocked intrusions and 393 illegal attempts to access my PC from the Internet on my firewall.
The KISS amplifier is hand-crafted by one technician only who has pride in his work, respecting his biorhythm. The KISS plant is located in the midst of the Brazilian rain forest on the border of the Amazon River. Of particular importance to KISS is the quiet environment in which we can produce KISS products to the extremely high standard we have set the bar.
Consequently not many units are produced and this raises the price and makes the KISS amplifier a collector’s item right from the start..

If the amplifier fails it is KAPUT. By way of the direct coupling from output to input ALL transistors will be KAPUT in the unlikely event the output stage fails. If in warranty you will get a new amplifier free of charge. If outside warranty you have to buy a new one. No KISS amplifiers are being repaired, as this is sloppy and never will be as new. Remember the Mark Levinson modules?
Concluding the entire amplifier circuit is developed and evaluated by critical listening on various program material.
Wait a minute. You think I am crazy?. Hohohohoho, geniality is on the border of craziness.
Where is my Oxazepam? Gone, then give me my Xeroxstat……
Creator XO

Elso Kwak 15th October 2004 07:53 AM

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Picture of U440 Dual N-channel JFETs. These are manufactured by $iliconix now part of the Vi$hay conglomerate. Datasheet here:

Elso Kwak 15th October 2004 07:55 AM

Output transistors
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Output transistors ready for inspection

Elso Kwak 15th October 2004 07:58 AM

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Picture of ridiculously expensive Lemo connector system used for input connections

Elso Kwak 15th October 2004 08:00 AM

Lemo taken apart
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Picture of Lemo connector taken apart for assembly. Note the scale! One Inch = 25.4mm. Scale is in cm divided in mm. The shield is not soldered but clamped between the cup and the spacer.

Elso Kwak 15th October 2004 08:03 AM

Pure Silver Wiring
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Snapshot of internal wiring used. Nine nines pure solid core silver wire Teflon ® coated is used. The term nine nines used in the industry may need explanation. 99.9 pure silver has 0.1 % impurity and is called one nine. So our silver wire is 99.999999999 % pure!
Wire sample courtesy of Audiofanatic.

Prune 15th October 2004 08:06 AM

Oftentimes I can't tell if people are being serious or not, especially around here.

Prune 15th October 2004 08:12 AM

Re: Pure Silver Wiring

99.9 pure silver has 0.1 % impurity and is called one nine. So our silver wire is 99.999999999 % pure!
This is completely wrong. 99.9% is three nines, 99.99% is four nines (see how a bank defines it:,00.html ), etc. Also, 99.999999999% cannot be manufactured, and can only be achieved in the lab using CVD.

sam9 15th October 2004 03:06 PM

And the point is . . . ?

Are tou offering schematics, Gerbers, PCBs or . . . anything . . . of DIY use or interest?

So far all I hear is that Sony makes an expensive arc-welder that can also drive speakers.


Elso Kwak 15th October 2004 03:18 PM


Originally posted by sam9
And the point is . . . ?

Are tou offering schematics, Gerbers, PCBs or . . . anything . . . of DIY use or interest?

Hi sam9,
If you have read carfully you will know that there do not exist any Gerbers or PCBs. I will think about posting a schematic.


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