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destroyer X 27th July 2004 09:02 AM

I want halojoy back here in our forum
Now reading forum fifth time, because i am too much stupid and could not understand why halojoy was banished.

Also i read halojoy threads he send me, all threads.

I could no see reason to banishment, this way, a dark cloud covering the skies and saying bad things related the best forum on earth.

But, i already could see the pilars, the structures, forum holders, the key men, the lyers, the good ones, the guilties and the infiltrated real friends, the against people and the "strikers"

If Nelson Pass moved from this forum....hummmmm, forum will reduce importance to 60 percent.

If Mr Hugh Dean forget this forum..... an enormou atraction will disappear too.

The only one that can make forum atractive, if those mans retired, is halojoy.... and this one is not in the forum.

I cannot shut my mouth when i see lack of justice, i am not feeling confortable, but i will stay here, stand here, trying to keep good relations and obbeying rules.

But, if someone intend to banish me....maybe God send an earthquake, one loud scream against small justice.... i really do not think this is a good idea.... 2 poor guys banished, with too many friends, some of them high level computer experts, can create better forum and together key person can go too because maybe are secrets to good invitation.

I am in contact with halojoy, yes, a friend of him, like him and also like forum, dislike him when cloudy feelings, deslike forum when perceive cloudy things too.

Nothing is perfect, but cannot understand, so good people forum, so good moderators when separated...why, when together some bad results?

Is that situation related to Social Sciences law, that tell us that responsability is divided, and no one can be guilty alone, and no one can be pointed as responsable.... smoke curtain actitude...the law that tell us that one man alone cannot send one stone against no one....but hundreds will send stone,because they can point other one as guilty.... cannot believe that.... have other name.... not honor or courage name.

And if you asked me why bother with halojoy.....because i am Christian, and i read what happened in past.... the one gonne to cross, and i can see good man going to cross again.

Halojoy is not happy, he want to be here with us, he feel sad an loneliness, his friends is here and there with him, he want to cooperate with us, he already forget revenge, if he do not return, or if i will banish too, will be clear that halojoy and all his friends are not welcome here... this way, people that likes to make jokes, the ones that are happy, the ones that tell true, the ones that likes to discuss, with education, some unreflected ideas will be banished too.

I am reading forum fifth time, and i will do it till i discover the guilty, or the reasons to this situation, that tuns more important than electronics to me.


Luke 27th July 2004 10:32 AM

luke would like to see Halojoy back too:nod:

destroyer X 27th July 2004 11:15 AM

Thank you the support , god bless your human feeling
If one or two have this feeling, the world is not loose.


DRC 27th July 2004 11:30 AM

I seem to remember halojoy was temporarily banned for having 'copyright' material on his personal site. This was pointed out to him but it was not removed (quickly enough ?). I think he now chooses not to return (but is not banned).

I also enjoyed reading his posts.


destroyer X 27th July 2004 12:47 PM

If Maomé do not goes into the Mountain, lets make mountain goes to Maomé
You are really close the true, i do not know already, but i will search till find the true.
have time and lot of competent friends, i will dedicate my time to search this, because cannot do other thing.
Cannot see halojoy the way i could capture, because he maintain hidden that he is severily hurt... i am worried about him.
I have your idea too, but is only one of dozen ideas i have to check.
One of the best man we have are constructing a forum, better than that, and not intended to empty this one, because no one can do such a foolish related so good place, with so many good people, but we are looking the good heart ones and taking notes to invite to go to that forum too, not only.....but to go too.
When ready, halojoy will be invited to go there too.



planet10 27th July 2004 03:04 PM


Originally posted by DRC
I seem to remember halojoy was temporarily banned for having 'copyright' material on his personal site. This was pointed out to him but it was not removed (quickly enough ?). I think he now chooses not to return (but is not banned).

I also enjoyed reading his posts.
I very much enjoyed gromanswe & hakojoy's posts.

Essentially you have it... halo was linking to copyrighted material and refused to remove the link (we didn't care that he had the stuff on his iste, just that hhe was associated diyAudio with it). He still refuses to remove the link ... he has also refused to answer any emails sent to him on behalf of diyAudio to try to work out the problem, and has subsequebtly sent out a stream of very venomnous emails. He has burned any bridges he had.

His transgression was not in his posts, but a total refusal to abide by one of the fundemental rules of the site.

We'll miss the old halo (i don't think this person exists any longer)

dave/planet10 :captain:

destroyer X 27th July 2004 03:18 PM

I receive halojoy orders not to ask for him nothing
And i will do what she wants.


jean-paul 27th July 2004 03:20 PM

She ?

destroyer X 27th July 2004 05:47 PM

Jean Paul!.... are you asking Charlie this subject?
2 Attachment(s)
Are you saying me that you never perceived we are full of boys not boys and girls not girls!
Take a look in halojoy was made with his order... a swedish friends did the work...of course... i will like to make work to halo too! hahahahaha!

Let's make a small joke..... take those pictures from halo and go to a Psychologist, and ask him if this images are woman made or man made..... this is obvious to them... as fast as a ligthning they will say a clear answer to you....but do not show the image you choice to you..... do not!

Take a look the name written as "mina"......hohohohô, don't you think this is MINe Amplifier.....huhuhuhu!

take a look the amplifier box.... the beautifull turns of the wires inside hihihihihi!.... this is obvious Jean!

Carlos...joking , of course.

destroyer X 27th July 2004 05:56 PM

Have a deep look Jean.... the wires.. alike hairs... the box
2 Attachment(s)
The position using two tone floor..... see details and feel.... put feeling looking... go deep into image..... 20 seconds looking.

This circuit, is this a man made circuit?

hohohohô.... send it to a Psychologist.... can be one worst than me.


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