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ThorstenL 22nd July 2004 08:49 PM

On Line Tube Learning for newbies....

As I am one of those to complain loudest when some questions show a lack of basics, how about a thread to collect on-line resources for "TOOBZ NOOBZ"?

I propose these for starters, as being sufficiently and as covering enough ground to allow one who understand basic electronics (8th grade physics really) to understand "TOOBZ"!

RCA Raditron Manual Version 10 from the 1930's, especially pages 5 - 25 in the pdf file....

Bonavolta - Tubes for Newbies

If anyone knows a good on-line resource on basic Electronics (RLC, Kirchoff, Ohm, lentz etc) please post, this could be included as prefix to the above for a "crash-course in electronics".


pedroskova 22nd July 2004 09:20 PM

The Naval Electrical Engineering Training Series(NEETS)

Here's the link to the section on tubes. Easy to understand, and pretty thorough.

Layberinthius 23rd July 2004 01:47 AM

8th Grade taught Physics!?

What about a guide for people getting into tube audio whom never got Physics in high school?

I rather like this glossary...Tube-Cad Glossary

Edit: Btw that pdf file is really an excellent resource thanks !

fdegrove 23rd July 2004 02:44 AM




robo7 23rd July 2004 02:49 AM


ohm's & kirchhoff's laws

robo7 23rd July 2004 01:30 PM

Hi There,

Svetlana's Technical support page

Kofi Annan 23rd July 2004 01:41 PM

Being a tube newbie myself, I would greatly appreciate the posting of any and all links to beginners' resources. Rozenblitz's (sp?) book is just a little bit tough to get through for your average dumbass, like me.

I thought that while I was waiting for my Bottlehead Forplay and Paramours to arrive, I'd try to gain a reasonable understanding of what I was about to do.

Try this link for some (IMO) easier-to-understand articles. I'm reading these now and its the best stuff I've read so far.

Thanks and keep posting these, please!


BHD 23rd July 2004 03:05 PM

This is a great idea for a thread.

This is one of the best beginner sites I've found, it walks you step by step through the design and construction of a simple single ended amp:


dhaen 23rd July 2004 05:40 PM

:cop:We seem to have the thumbs up for a sticky thread here :)

Since this is for newbie information it is important that the contributors ensure that the links they provide are both accurate and safe. It must be seen as the responsibility of the poster to ensure this.

:att'n:Users of this thread should pay particular attention to safety. Valve (Tube) equipment runs at hazardous voltages. Please look at this thread before going any further.:att'n:

It's stick now, so enjoy:cloud9:

scottnixon 23rd July 2004 07:51 PM

If I can get permission to copy and get someone to host, I have the perfect books. Basic Electronics by Vankenburgh, Nooger & Neville.
Vol 1 and 2, first ed 1955. They are by far the best books for audio beginners I have ever seen. Vol 1 is power supply based and Vol 2 is a triodes/audio wonderland for newbies. (other volumes 3-6 are not audio related) Simple, not too deep, very well illustrated in a campy mid-50's flare and is very entertaining and gets the essentials right.
If you can find Vol 1 or 2 in a library or used book store, get it!

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