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leftandfred 29th November 2020 01:06 PM

DCS Verdi Encore Faulty any help advise appreciated
Could anyone please advise me on trying to repair a dcs Verdi encore transport mechanism?

The disc loading tray seems completely dead and will not open at all

(If physically opened still no reaction from open/close command)

The unit displays “none encore” on start up.

When pressing the eject button I hear a relay click but no action at all.

I have dismantled the transport and checked for obstructions or a loose or snapped belt etc but all seems ok.

It could be that the transport is not receiving the commands from the main pcb, I’m just surmising that it would be the transport unit at fault as I’ve read these could be unreliable

Can anyone guide me on a pin out test for the transport so I can check that it is receiving the command to open?

Does anyone know the exact Philips transport model details? The plastic transport unit has a sticker on saying model A97SL and has a PCB control board with the numbers 3139 243 31374 01

Would this same transport mechanism with pcb be used in other machines? Maybe I could purchase a second hand sacd/dvd unit that uses it.

Any help and advice much appreciated.

Best regards

rfbrw 29th November 2020 03:15 PM


The unit displays “none encore” on start up.
Have you checked for the correct firmware?

leftandfred 29th November 2020 03:51 PM

Hi, good to know it should say none encore, i couldn't remember that.
even though i've owned it for 10 years, but i've not used it for 2 years.

going through the menu it says Issue 1.10 and

1394 issue 2.06 i presume this is the firmware ?

when i purchased it i was told it was on the latest and last available firmware

Thank you

rfbrw 29th November 2020 06:46 PM

Any help from dCS?

leftandfred 29th November 2020 07:54 PM

Problem with dcs is that everything starts at just short of £500 for inspection and diagnosis.
If it was guaranteed to fix the problem then id pay it.

But a few years ago I sent the dac to them to repair a fault where the dac would not power up that cost just short of £500 but the fault has appeared again all be it intermittently.
Now the same dac has lost all output to one of the channels, again the inspection price starts at just short of £500.

So as this is now very old equipment you have to evaluate if it’s really worth the cost of oem repairs, therefore trying all other options of self repair or maybe find an ex dcs engineer still happy to look at this classic range

I will however give them a call next week to see if they will give any guidance


leftandfred 13th December 2020 04:02 PM

Just an update as

The Loader mechanism in the Verdi Encore is a Philips A97SL and has a Philips PCB control board with the numbers 3139 243 31374 01

After many hours research i found that a Philips DVD 625/051 utilises the exact same loader mechanism.

So i purchased one from ebay for £2.80p LOL

The Philips A97SL transport can be removed within minutes from this dvd player

So i placed the DCS Verdi Encores A97SL loader mechanism inside the Philips DVD player and it works perfectly opening/closing and playing CD's and DVD's.
So i know that the loader along with its 3 motors and laser are working fine.

I suspect the fault could be within the Philips servo board
part number 3139 243 31374 01

But i have been lead to believe that this board contains control software which is DCS only ?

Can anyone confirm this ?

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks Dave

petienne987 25th July 2021 01:51 AM

Same issue here
Hi, I have exactly the same issue with my Verdi Encore. Have you been able to make any progress on a resolution? dCS were hopeless and just said that it is a firmware issue that cannot be resolved as the unit is too old!

NareshBrd 25th July 2021 03:03 AM

Basically traders...
I would change out the entire mechanism if needed, much cheaper, about 15 pounds for SATA DVD-R.
And DVD players here with USB, and dual channel 4440 amps were about 20 GBP, not seen much now.

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