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Kevano 16th September 2020 05:31 AM

DIY ported enclosure with Tang Bang W5-2143 FR driver vs Q Acoustics 3020i and 3090i
Project goal
To make well designed enclosures with full range drivers for LCR with drivers in the price range of USD150-200 for 3 drivers to use with Marantz NR1510 - 50W/channel @ 8ohm that match the general sound quality that one would get by using the branded Q Acoustics 3020i and 3090i combo and if possible supersede it.

Speaker driver
I've found Tang Bang W5-2143. Reason for choosing this driver is that its 30W @8 ohms, FR with phase plug and has good reviews especially for Mids tonal quality which I think should make it a good center speaker. Since it has a Qts of 0.38 ported enclosure is what I'm thinking. Using WinIsSD to design the enclosure. At the moment sealed Subwoofer to go with them is the plan.

Main question
In terms of tonal quality would a well designed DIY be at least be equal to if not better than the Q Acoustics ?

Stal 16th September 2020 06:23 AM

I have the Q Acoustics Concept 20. I now use a Mark Audio Pluvia 7 with an 8 inch woofer. Even on its own it will knock the spots of the Q Acoustics particularly in the midrange.
I also have a Fostex FE103en in a small bass reflex box and the midrange detail it's faultless. The fostex off axis in the treble drops off and the bass is a bit limited but the midrange is magic. After listening to a good full range speaker the Q Acoustics just sound dull.
I haven't listened to a Tang Band but they seem well regarded. The only thing to research is what people think of its off axis response, otherwise a 4 to 6 inch full range unit in a box of a similar size can cost less and will sound better than the 3020i by a mile. :)

Stal 16th September 2020 06:33 AM

I also have the Q Acoustics 2000Ci centre speaker but hardly used it. I'm just stereo now even for TV. The thing with full range units is the clarity with voice, which for me, negates the need for a centre speaker. If you want a centre speaker then that's why you should pay attention to the off axis response. (Unless its just you watching the TV).

Stal 16th September 2020 06:55 AM

Tang-Band W5-2143 5" Full-range
It seems the TB has good off axis response.

Stal 16th September 2020 07:02 AM

The TB has 2.5 mm Xmax. The Mark Audio 4 to 6 inch units have much higher levels of Xmax therefore they will be able to handle more bass. Something to consider.

xrk971 16th September 2020 04:00 PM

The W5-2143 is my favorite full range driver that is capable of real bass and great mids and highs. It’s surprisingly under used around here given how good it is. Priced reasonably and well made with good looks and a quality feel with 90dB sensitivity. When in my XKi the bass sometimes has me wondering if the subwoofer is still on.

Kevano 16th September 2020 06:56 PM

This will be used as part of a home theater set up so a sealed sub crossed between 80 - 120 is in the picture. If I made a slot ported golden ratio 0.5-6cubic ft tuned to 55-60Hz enclosure would it sound better than the Q Acoustic 3020i in general is my primary interest.

Secondly how close would the golden ratio ported box come close to the overall sound quality of the XKi say 120Hz upwards?

Kevano 16th September 2020 07:28 PM

I'm now considering the XKi. How low does it go? What is the F3 or os rhe frequency response available?

xrk971 16th September 2020 11:18 PM

It was designed with an F3 of about 55Hz but if used near a back wall, room gain takes it much lower.

S4m 17th September 2020 12:51 PM

I also own a 5.1 system with the Q Acoustics Concept 20[Front/Rear]+40[Center].
The sound is some kind of dull but what I really like about them,

I never had any kind of listening fatigue with the Q-Acoustics.

Compared to a WAW the Qs don't image as well and they are missing the emotions that a good fullrange offers.
If I compare the Qs with any of my selfbuild 2-ways the Qs were always the better speaker especially for longterm listening.
The Qs are not exiting and not as dull as pro monitors.
For me the biggest pro is the capability to play at low volume without missing anything in the music.
Something I never achieved with any of my builds.
Regarding the pricetag I like my Qs und would always go for them again.
To use them as THE there is more interesting stuff out there...

I'm curious what you are building.

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