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freddi 16th September 2020 03:45 AM

Vintage article "A Tuned Pipe for Bass Enhancement" by Raymond Bates
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from the 1955 Audio Anthology reprint of the original article. (and a very clean looking issue)

Norman C. Fulmer had already published an article (and patent) for an enclosure with tapered terminus.

This article borrows part of Karlson's 15 aperture for the tapered slot exit.

Subjectively the builder seemed pleased :D

It appears to be tuned about center of the EV SP12B speaker's resonance.

I wonder how its response would really look.

carlthess40 16th September 2020 11:34 AM

Looks simple to build

bansuri 16th September 2020 11:45 AM

That looks to me like a transmission line, around 60Hz fundamental resonance. The form of the opening won't have much influence.
A high Qts driver is needed.

freddi 16th September 2020 12:53 PM

The much later SP12 ("C") in this case was spec-ed at Qts = 0.67. My Fane 12-250TC when new had qts ~0.8 and fs ~67Hz.

carlthess40 16th September 2020 01:14 PM

What modern drivers would work? Is this a full range can or just a low or band pass speaker cab ?

freddi 16th September 2020 06:31 PM

since its rear load and direct radiator, there would be no more effect upon the highs than a reflex box. I don't have access to hornresp - maybe GM oe aomw other handy soul would do a sim with a couple of the following

Fane12-250TC, Eminence 12LTA, Celestion K12H-100TC, Celestion K12H-200TC Eminence Beta 12CX, Eminence B102, Nirvana 10 inch, etc.

There's less than 2 cubic foot airspace - a Karlson K12 has about 1.3 cubic foot rear chamber - both appear to be tuned in the low 60's.

Snugged into a corner, the Bates pipe would take up very little space - and might even work well.

(my Karlson K12, depending upon driver, can do some things better than my Klipschorn !- do not be afraid of Karlson or Karlsonator when loaded with appropriate drivers - - run for the hills if a K12 is loaded with a GRS BOFU knockoff. :))

EddieT 16th September 2020 08:01 PM

The use of the K aperture is intriguing.

freddi 16th September 2020 10:04 PM

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blurry black and white images don't auto colorize real well.

Here it is from the article. There was once one at Ebay. I'm intrigued by it's small size when poked in a corner.

freddi 16th September 2020 10:40 PM

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here's what looks to be a Fulmer - Bates mashup with generous slot area :D

(Do we have a BLH here?)

norman bates 17th September 2020 03:48 AM

isn't there a subwoofer thread, maybe called keystone that is playing with this ?

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