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freddi 14th September 2020 07:56 AM

What have you built -tried for traditional Karlson in smaller sizes ?
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I have a "K5" built by a skilled long-distance friend, scaled from the 1960's Karlson K8, and a scrap "K6" made quickly with my unskilled hands

XRK971 has used 0.43 scale K15.

The Karlsonator and XRK971's "XKi" alignments have dominated the small K-coupler arena.

Perhaps there's still use for little Karlson couplers (most likely supplemented with a little subwoofer)

If you tried one - what driver did you employ? What was your design method? How did it turn out?

freddi 14th September 2020 03:28 PM

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Some years back, XRK971 made a 0.35X K15 for B&C'a six inch 6MD44. (see graph)

I need to try a K for for a 6 inch Diysoundgroup coax but would have to be larger with its big magnet and even worse, if used, a B52 chunky compression driver. (over 10lb for both drivers)

here's my 6 cx

EddieT 15th September 2020 03:26 PM

When I finish my K5s with PA-130s I want to play around with them facing each other. I am thinking switch the amp to mono and try various angles with them horizontal in a Vee as if hinged.

freddi 15th September 2020 04:03 PM

are you going by "instinct" for the K5 rather than scaling? If scaling - which K are you scaling from and what scale factor ?

I wish Visaton or someone would offer an inexpensive but good fullrange 6 inch driver with reasonably strong motor. Since BG20 sells for less than $40US, there should be something in that price slot with similar motor and construction quality. A K6 could have pretty good sound.

EddieT 15th September 2020 05:41 PM

These are K5s that I scaled from original K12 plans (.42). I am now modifying them to accept PA-130s (not a direct fit due to magnet size) and foam core duct al la Xki but to original horizontal vent. I am also extending rear chamber by 3". If I don't like the result I can easily remove the foam core or K slot it.

I would have tried K6 but already had the K5s and thought I would give the PA-130s a try.

freddi 15th September 2020 07:06 PM

that may turn out better than the K5 scaled from the 1060's K8. I think a 5 or 6 based on the "Dutch K12" would be good. That was the old PA130 in my scrap K8 and probably the paper mache head speaker too.

xrk971 15th September 2020 08:24 PM

Hi Freddi,
Thanks for making this thread. I forgot all about the scaled K for the 6MDN44! That was to be used as a top in a PA system with a sub so did not need any bass below 120Hz. But I recall the sims showed that the K15 scaled small and used on low Qts drivers would give incredible cone control so that you could max out the power and the voice coil thermal limit hit before Xmax hit. That is rare to see except in front loaded horn alignments.

freddi 15th September 2020 11:52 PM

hi X - - wish there were a good cheap 6 inch fullrange for K and hope the SB Acoustics 8 will soon be available and low in price. Is there another K configuration not yet tried? I've seen a fullrange in a tapped type expanding line once.

hi Eddie - how much vent area do you have in the 0.42X K12? PA130 is a good speaker. (thanks for the router bit link)

EddieT 16th September 2020 03:03 AM

K5 vent size 3/8" x 6".

EddieT 16th September 2020 05:08 PM

Upon closer inspection I took liberties with my K5 build. One piece above the vent a la the Dutch K12 but with a horizontal vent and shelf. Also .42 scaling not applied to all dimensions. Plus now adding ducting to port and rear cavity extension. Soooo, not so traditional after all.

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