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carlthess40 13th September 2020 10:11 PM

Tube amps with tv tubes
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I have a question and maybe a favor to ask
Who here uses or had any tv tubes ?
Donít some tube amps use tv tubes ?
Reason why am asking for some free ( donated ) TV tubes, is I acquired a mint ,technicians vacuum tube rejuvenator , for TV tubes. And is like to give it a try to see how it works.
Itís made by B&K , model 465 CRT tester
So if anyone can help, I would really appreciate it. Please send me a message or post openly about your knowledge involving TV vacuum tubes in an audio circuit of amplifiers
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MarcelvdG 13th September 2020 10:14 PM

Have you seen Those Magnificent Television Tubes ?

daqvin_carter 13th September 2020 10:20 PM

We love to use TV tubes here but may not have a use for a CRT tester.
Though Has anyone made an amplifier with a CTR as the output?
Just asking in case it has been done.

carlthess40 14th September 2020 07:01 AM

Why Iím asking is in the manual it states that it can refresh tubes and bring them back up to specs

H713 14th September 2020 08:02 AM

Yes, it can do some amount of "rejuvenating" of CRTs. It won't work with sweep tubes or other tubes that would be useful in an audio amp.

Still, CRT testers can come in handy every now and then, especially if they can do the type of CRT found in test equipment.

claudiomas 14th September 2020 08:49 AM

the only good side of TV sweep tubes was low cost
and plenty of thems for peanuts
but this time the best ones are gones
and audio tubes actually made EL34/6L6GC/or 6550 by sovtek JJ etc
are very cheaps
used sweep tubes are for dust bin
CRT tubes are different stuff requiring very high voltages

lcsaszar 14th September 2020 08:56 AM

We should mention here the infamous Esoteric Audio Research EAR509 and EAR519, working with PL509/PL519, resp. They were circlotlons (parallel push-pull), if I remember correctly.

claudiomas 14th September 2020 09:15 AM

the original output transformers are very good
but the bias voltage need reworking for reliability
and better passive components resistors and coupling caps

duncan2 14th September 2020 02:10 PM

Thats an early version of the BK tube tester for B/W TV,s I have the later multiplex automatic version with three dials for color TV.
It uses pulse techniques that overcome the manual overzealous stripping of the cathode of TV CRT therebye rendering the tube as useless .

I know what the big question here will be -can it renovate a big output pentode IF you modify the connections --answer ----yes with a big stipulation ---once you try it once and the cathode is so rotten to begin with and you don't see a rise in emission------DO NOT TRY IT AGAIN !!
You have been warned !

Do NOT leave it running for long its a amplifier tube you are renovating not a CRT cathode.

I must say in all honesty I really admire this piece of American electronic engineering , I have the instructions & circuit diagram somewhere ,many UK television shops had one that's where I got mine .

Spares are available online even some sold as spares I converted many bases the same way I converted new bases for my AVO VCM MK4 but this time attached to plug in wiring to the unit.

carlthess40 14th September 2020 03:25 PM

I only paid $5 for it, I do have a techs tube tester unit as well. A friend is using it for now. I use them as decorations in my audio room, just a blast from the past to have them laying out on one of the audio racks.
Thanks for the info and advice

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