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JamesTan 12th September 2020 01:45 PM

Recommendation for a good mid range driver for vocal
I just completed my first project with a 2 way bookshelf speaker using the Tang Band W6-1721 6-1/2" Underhung Midbass Driver and the HiVi RT1.3WE Isodynamic Tweeter. The crossover is around 2.3kHz.

The bass is pretty impressive coming from a 6.5" woofer and if the listening room is not big, you can actually do without a sub-woofer. The high coming from the HiVi is pretty accurate and detail, good for instrumental music. However I find the mid range is somehow lacking, especially in term of vocal. The vocal sounded lay back, not warm sounding and does not have that "thick" texture.

Now I am trying to add on a mid range driver on top of my bookshelf speaker to enhance the vocal section. I would really appreciate if someone can recommend me a good mid range driver that can produce sweet, warm, "thick" and slightly forward sounding vocal. And at the same time not too bright or harsh. Looks forward to your kind recommendation, TIA.

Edit : Of course, I will be redoing my crossover design with the new recommended mid range driver.

Face 12th September 2020 02:00 PM

Any measurements, including phase, of your current speaker?

JamesTan 12th September 2020 02:15 PM

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Hi Face, thanks for your response. I am actually a first time very amateur DIY person. All my design and graph are based on Xsim. I do not have any measuring tools and everything is by ears, comparing to speakers that I have heard before. I will attach a frequency response curve from Xsim with my current crossover design and hopefully it is of some help to evaluate my current condition.

chris661 12th September 2020 04:15 PM

Which measurements did you use to make that XSim crossover?


JamesTan 13th September 2020 01:08 AM

Hi Chris, my ZMA and FRD files for both drivers are derived from the frequency and impedance response curve obtained from Part Express respective drivers' specification pdf file using a software calls FPGraphTracer. I have compared the numbers in the files obtained with the graphs and they matched quite accurately. As long as my current drivers do not differ much from the manufacturers' specifications, I think I should be in the safety zone using Xsim with those ZMA and FRD files.

I know I am not doing it in a proper method which I should take measurement of all the drivers to get more accurate results but being a first time DIY builder (mainly as a hobby) I am not ready to invest in all those equipment yet. So I need help from the more experience members here to recommend a good mid range driver to bring out that vocal I am looking for.

I also understand I might not achieve the result you guys achieved with your recommended driver without proper tools but at least the driver is proven and tested by experience members here. Hopefully the list will start coming in, thanks.

nfsgame 13th September 2020 09:41 AM

Tangbands published curves are often far from reality. Take some messuring equipment and do it on your own. Your crossover just doesn't fit yet.

wintermute 13th September 2020 09:58 AM

Are you sure the drivers are in phase? If you haven't already done so, try swapping the tweeter polarity.


JamesTan 13th September 2020 10:43 AM

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Hi Tony, I will try inverting the tweeter polarity to give it a try but according to Xsim, if I invert the polarity of the tweeter in the simulation, this is the response curve I will get. Based on the graphs, are my drivers in phase?

wintermute 13th September 2020 11:16 AM

That Null is why I asked. big suckout in the midrange, and you are saying the midrange is lacking. Depending on how good the actual phase matching is the amount of suckout will vary from deep like your sim to not so much.

I have actually had drivers that the polarity was incorrectly labeled. Anyway without measurement tools it is difficult to say, but it is something I think is worth trying.


JamesTan 13th September 2020 01:30 PM

I have read about drivers with terminals incorrectly labeled but never actually thought of checking that, this a good reminder to check. After inverting the polarity on the tweeter, I noticed there is a loss of details in the musical piece I was playing, based on that I believed there should be nothing wrong with the drivers in term of polarity.

Just to be clear, the vocal I am hearing from my current setup is pretty acceptable, nothing is seriously wrong with it. It's just that I am going after that warmer and more forward sounding vocal. In every aspect my current setup is way better than the Monitor Audio MA700 and B&W 601 I have. It also performs better than those speakers I audited in audio shops priced more than $1500.

What I am trying to do is to push the limit on how far I can achieve to create that realistic, warm and slightly forward sounding vocal from the current setup. I am hoping adding a reasonably good mid range driver can help to achieve that.

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