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BasicHIFI1 10th September 2020 02:51 PM

Bluetooth adapters and Stereo Systems
I just bought a Bluetooth 3.0 stereo receiver for a car aux port and I was really impressed with the sound, the clarity. I have gone through about six different audio cables in the last 5 years and not having to deal with broken audio cables of varying quality is not really much fun.

I want to use Bluetooth receivers for my desktop and home (vintage) system: so the question is any potential problems with this? Sound quality seems to be acceptable, but I am not sure if there are hidden distortion or quality issues here.

I simply want to connect my phone to play YouTube and streaming audio site music on my stereo.

BTW Hello there after a long break. I am not reduced to a BOSE Sound Color Bluetooth Mono speaker while I fix everything else.

BasicHIFI1 13th September 2020 12:38 PM

Maybe I could elaborate a little more: what are the drawbacks of using a wireless source, since this involves digitization.

Anything this article has missed?

The Argument Against a Wireless Hi-Fi System


Ultimately, it comes down to what sacrifices you are willing to make --or will even notice -- perfect sound quality, or convenience.

Indiglo 13th September 2020 02:21 PM

That article doesn't specify what wireless technology they are referring to but audio quality when using bluetooth is dependent upon which codec is being used, the available signal strength and data rate which is limited to around 1Mbps.

You are not limited in the same way when using Wifi as there is significant more bandwidth available. If you are happy with the audio quality and the convenience of connectivity then stick with bluetooth.

phase 13th September 2020 02:49 PM

That article is pretty vague, and Iíve never heard of anyone connecting a turntable using a wireless connection either.

The numbers suggest that the latest Bluetooth 5.0 standard is comparable to a compact disc, however I havenít done a direct comparison to test that. You could try searching for the shortcomings of CDs, and find some information that could help to answer your question.

Iím currently working to integrate a mid-level dac board into an older amplifier case to serve as a convenient way for our kids to enjoy their music.

BasicHIFI1 13th September 2020 11:39 PM

Once again I talk back to the music, saying 'where have you been all my life?' The simple $10 blue tooth receiver now has given me the permission to listen to sounds I have never heard before on my car stereo, with songs I have heard possibly thousands of times before. The convenience is one thing, but not having to put up with cables whose quality is undetermined until they are plugged in, and which lose one channel first: that is a real bonus.

My car stereo is a Pioneer unit - those one with red lights all over the front. Speakers are in-door, and play music to my feet, so the detail is even more amazing.

Wifi Vs Bluetooth what exactly is the difference - detail, range... meaning dynamic range?

Pioneer DEH-150MP CD MP3 WMA Car Stereo Receiver with Aux-In

Indiglo 14th September 2020 01:06 PM

Wifi is used for wireless data networks or extend LAN where cables are not practicable. Wifi routers have MIMO antennas to improve coverage. Lots of bandwidth. Device will need some type of user interface to allow configuration. Audio quality is determined by source material.

Bluetooth is used for connecting consumer devices by simply pairing devices. However all audio signals need to be compressed due to the limited bandwidth.
With a suitable codec you can achieve similar quality audio comparable to CD's. Data rate is dependent upon signal strength.

BasicHIFI1 16th September 2020 05:39 AM


Lots of bandwidth.

Thanks, that is what I was looking for. I wonder if my phone can send music wireleslly..

Helpful article.

Wi-Fi vs Bluetooth for Streaming Music

SoundWire (free) - Apps on Google Play

Soundwire.. need to look at that.

Also, here is my Bluetooth receiver and specs: it uses Bluetooth V3.0+EDR

Indiglo 16th September 2020 12:55 PM

Your bluetooth receiver is probably using only basic AD2P method of audio streaming, this means you are limited to around 345kbps of bandwidth. This is the equivalent of high quality MP3 audio.

Probably the best way to stream audio at home is using a raspberry pi with a DAC connected to your stereo and use your mobile phone as the remote control via wifi. You can store your music on a hard-drive or usb stick connected to the raspberry pi. You can also stream music from web radio stations and online services like spotify.

pelanj 16th September 2020 01:16 PM

The best option for streaming audio is IMHO Chromecast Audio - I own three. I also have a BT5.0 receiver for 20 bucks and it works fine with iPhone XR.

BasicHIFI1 17th September 2020 01:39 PM


Originally Posted by Indiglo (
Probably the best way to stream audio at home is using a raspberry pi with a DAC connected to your stereo and use your mobile phone as the remote control via wifi.....

Never knew these existed, will look into it. Audio DAC HAT Sound Card (Audio+) for Raspberry PI4 Pi Zero / PI3 / PI3B / PI3B+ / PI2 / Better Quality Than USB: Computers & Accessories

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